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I checked the "Run in 640 x 480" screen resolution" in Compatibility Setteings and that worked for me.

Using Windows 7 64bit
Create a file called player.ini using Notepad. It shoud contain (between quotation marks)
"0 BaseCMO.cmo" as the first line. (caution: do not save as a txt file)

That's it!

Save this in the same directory that conatins Game.exe and Syberia2.exe.

PS roll back all the compatabiltiy nonesense you did for game.exe and syberia2.exe. Just gives you gray hair.
You may wish to change the player.ini file in the Syberia 2 directory.
Use Notepad to type the single line (do not include quotation marks)
"0 BaseCMO.cmo "
Save as "player.ini"
Good luck!