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There is no option for screen brightness for pc version of Syberia 3. In game screen is too dark and quite difficult navigating the Youkol village and other areas. Is there some way to brightening the screen other than adjusting my monitor's brightness control?

Also having trouble with crane and dump coal into hold which is open. No matter trying to turn the crane, I just cannot position it correctly. I even resorted to seeking help from two different sources, they're too cryptic about the method's

>>>>> The problem was any walkthrough on the net was leaving out some directions. Following is he correct way.

Board the Krystal. Click on the small wheel lever close to the main entrance and crank it all the way clockwise to open the coal chute.

Head to the side of the crane closest to the Krystal and click on the access code box. Enter in the same code as before 0509. Climb up the ladder..

Make sure the TV view is set so you can see the warehouse, crane, and box of coal. You can change the view with the two small buttons on the lower left of the monitor.

Crank the center lever counter-clockwise to 9 o’clock.

Click the top button in the middle to grab the box.

Click the left button on the TV to change the view to the Krystal and the crane.

Crank the center lever clockwise to 12 o’clock to position the crane above the ship.

Pull the left lever to the right twice to move the crane.

Push the right lever up once.

Push the left lever right once more.

Pull right switch back down.

Pull left lever to right one last time.

Click the bottom center button to empty the coal into the ship.
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