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I just installed Syberia 1 and noticed that while I have some sound effects, I don't have voices. Also, some sound effects appear to be missing. For instance I rang the bell in the hotel and it made no sound. I have verified that the voice over mp3s are the installation folder, so I really have no idea what could be wrong.

I'm running Windows 7 64-bit, for reference. Any help would be appreciated.

Okay, so about 10 seconds after I posted that, I had this sneaking suspicion I knew what was going on, and I was right. So, it other words, I'm an idiot, please disregard my post.

In case you really wanna know what the issue was, I have a surround set up but I was listening through my head phones, so in other words I only heard the back channels, whereas if the game had outputted in stereo, which I assumed it was doing, it would have been the front channels. Long story short, I didn't expect such an old game to have surround sound.
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Hahaha! :)
Look at it this way: you have just solved your very first Syberia puzzle. :)
Enjoy the game!