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At first glance, I was a bit afraid of Syberia I and II : the screenshots seemed somehow sad, cold, grey... The game looked like a story about strange robots, with no signs of life around...
It looked like there was no fun at all in those games.
I was completely wrong : Syberia 1 + Syberia 2 form a wonderful tale.
Indeed, the beautiful landscapes are not very coulored, but you'll find so many colors inside the characters's hearts ! Those characters are unforgettable : some are real people, some are automats, and you'll also meet great animals.
Overall, The atmosphere is truly unique.
The story is impossible if you think about it, but while playing you'll find everything natural, plausible : you'll just live Kate Walker's story.
And the game is also quite funny, although this is a very subtle humor. There are a lot of references to the world we're living in and its absurdities.
Some themes are very deep and rarely met in video games (for instance, Syberia I starts with funerals of an old Lady, and the story often treats about life and death !). Nevertheless, those themes are introduced in a very nice and poetic way, so you should not cry too much :-) !
The game does not takes itself too seriously though, so anybody can enjoy it.
For instance, my 5 year old daughter watched me playing entirely Syberia I and II. She loved the story and was very sensitive to the story main themes : friendship and dreams.
Well... Now just try Syberia I and II :-) !