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[gog installers should always be executed with the /nogui option.]


Works fairly well with Wine; unfortunately it seems something went wrong in the removal of the protections and a file is missing.
Solution 1
- Download the game
- set a new WINEPREFIX;
$ (optionally) winetricks sandbox
$ winetricks vcrun6 win98
- install the game in c:\Syberia (if you used the sandbox, you need to copy or symlink the setup files in "$WINEPREFIX"/drive_c);
$ cd "$WINEPREFIX"/drive_c/Syberia
$ echo '1024 768 16 0 BaseCMO.cmo' >player.ini

If it does not work, you can try with a no-cd crack:

Solution 2:
- Download the game, download the gamecopyworld no-cd crack for Syberia Collector's Edition (it is listed in the Syberia 2 page); filename:;
- set a new WINEPREFIX;
$ (optionally) winetricks sandbox
$ winetricks vcrun6 win98
- install the game in c:\Syberia (if you used the sandbox, you need to copy or symlink the setup files in "$WINEPREFIX"/drive_c);
$ cd "$WINEPREFIX"/drive_c/Syberia
- few movies have a wrong filename, you need to fix it;
$ cd Video
$ mv ANC10_hansanna.syb c10_hansanna.syb
$ mv ANC2_hansannab.syb c2_hansannab.syb
$ mv ANC5_hansanna.syb c5_hansanna.syb
$ cd ..
- delete the files Syberia.exe and Dlls/Syberia.dll;
- unzip somewhere in temporary location;
- move the two files Syberia/Dlls/Syberia.dll and Syberia/Syberia.exe to replace the two you deleted;
- delete the temporary location;
- start the game with `wine Syberia.exe' .

Syberia 2:

Works fairly well with Wine; you just need vc6 runtime files (winetricks vcrun6).
There is an horrible steam-like sound in the initial menu, but it won't carries in the game: so just start or load quickly. In the game some sounds are slightly distorted, but it is not as grave as in the main menu; just noticeable.

You can consider to set your Windows version to win98 (or sandboxing) so Syberia 2 saves in its folder instead that in your $HOME.

Have fun!
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Beware though, if your no-cd contains a file called Usp10.dll, md5sum ffa9f739d8b9f067e5411238bd17fadd, it's a trojan.
(Kaspersky: Trojan-GameThief.Win32.WOW.zdc, Avast: Win32:Lmir-KB,...)
Thanks for signaling, but the file is not needed and it is never executed as it should be deleted before executing Syberia.

And... :)
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Still, I'd get a fuzzy feeling using DLLs coming from you-don't-know-where that have been packaged with a trojan... You can easily prevent Usp10.dll from being run, but how much do you trust the other DLLs?

For PlayOnLinux I'm currently scripting a solution that will use GoG-provided binaries, but will just use a tool to minimize/restore game window during introduction videos to force a repaint... So far it "works for me".
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It seems you do not trust your antivirus after all. It is that .dll that is infected or there are other files?

Secondly, if you are still worried use Tomoyo or AppArmor to ensure that wine does nothing unexpected.
If you are that paranoid as it seems you should do this for every closed-source application you use.
The No CD method didn't work for me but creating a player.ini file worked great. I followed the instruction in the Syberia windows mode thread in this forum.

Create a file called player.ini, with one line:
1024 768 16 0 BaseCMO.cmo

Thanks interesting, I will update the first post.
Thanks everyone! It helped me solve the problem with running the game.
Using Linux and buying from a DRM-free store? You are most welcome.
My method to play this game on Linux with Gog version:

No more black screen, no more crash
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