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Has anyone gotten the Japanese versions of Syberia 1 and 2 to install and run? I have been trying since they were released here, on multiple machines and trying emulation, to no avail...they always crash.

I have tried on:
- both English and (native) Japanese versions of Windows XP physical machines.
- under Wine (on Mac OS X).
- Windows XP virtual machine under Parallels.

Nothing works. The other languages all work fine (have tested English, French and German). What is funny is that I used to own the original (boxed) native Japanese version of Syberia 2 and used to run it on one of the physical machines without any problem. And it makes no sense for the game not to run on WinXP since it was originally native for it (and of course the other language versions run fine). At this point I am inclined to suspect a problem in these versions provided by GOG, and more specifically their installer.

Can anyone help? Has anyone gotten these to work on regular Windows (XP) machines, either physical or virtual/emulated? Thanks in advance...
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