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Is there a way to change the savegame folder from "C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\Syberia Saves\..." to an other folder?
The only file I found, which contains the adress to the Config.dat and the savegames, is the "goglog.ini" in the GalaxyClient\Games\Syberia\ folder.
I changed this two 'links' to "C:\Users\[USERNAME]\OneDrive\Syberia Saves\..." where i put a copy of my Config.dat and a savegame.
I did so to use the same savegames with my PC and my Laptop, but when I start the game and want to load there is no savegame. And if I change the options, the file updated is the one in the originial folder under 'Documents'...
So the Game must have the info about the savegame location somewhere else - but where???

Antworten gerne auch auf deutsch :D
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So, now that there are cloud saves possible:
How about giving this new feature to Syberia 1 (&2)?
The Game has a own savegame folder and one (+ the ones i don't know ... like in the first post) file, where it's location is written down. So cloud save for Syberia would be possible, wouldn't it?