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I remember playing the demo for Syberia when it had just come out; I loved it then. So when it on GOG, I bought it immediately. I don't regret it. However, be warned, fans of LucasArts games will be a little put off initially by the lack of humor and under-developed conversation system.
Cons: The game makes you run all over the place, and there's no way of skipping the run animation. Sometimes it feels artificially long, like they just want to pad out the game length. Voice acting can also get on your nerves, with accents being completely random, and sometimes cheesy. There can be a bit of pixel hunting too, but what adventure game doesn't have that?
Pros: The story is excellent, landscapes and animations are gorgeous, characters are strong and well-developed. The music, while not breathtaking, does the job and sets the mood. Puzzles are easy, maybe a little too easy.
All in all, more than worth the price of admission.