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Read my score as 3.5/5 - 4/5 was too much and 3/5 was too little.
Syberia is a game I really disliked when I first played it and to be fair, the reasons for this are still there - it's just a matter of forgiving them.
For example, the interface is annoying and unnecessarily clunky, the characters you talk to are mostly dull, the backdrops are far too static and cold, the animation is pretty average, etc. You may say "but that's all superficial stuff!" but then I'd say "not for an adventure game".
Despite these shortcomings, the game has good puzzles, the main character is quite interesting and the plot does get interesting as well and these things drag the game away from becoming like a classic Cryo disaster. As the game moves on, you learn to forgive its shortcomings but it still falls short of being a classic in all areas. It's just too lifeless and static in its locations (not to mention the 3D design feels cold and too unconvincing). Still, 3.5/5 is not a bad score.