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How to gain money:
- invest into the museum. Yes, it is that stupid. Secondary eranings from clovers. Terciary from questing.
NOTE: another source of income can be fishing.
NOTE: during chapter 5, or more like 6 you probably get fed up with training, and the quests will give satisfying amount of cash, so likely will be your primary income.

What weapon to use:
- forget all weapons, stick with spellcasting. Yes, the wand helps, though not as much to worth investing upping its quality. At least for a long while..

How training:
- ye, sure, it might look attractive investing in the training gorund, but nah, you have better places to spend your money. Do the badges though, that'll take forever anyway, and that means a large amount of exp. Don't forget tp upp the museum before going training though, as "time passes" while you are trianing, so when oyu're done, a large pile will await you.

Where to spend money:
- invest into the museum as long as you see it is in reasonable reach. If not, buy stuff from the market.
NOTE: the 3rd clover has absolutely ridiculous price (690 emerald), way past the point you'd benefit it for its value. Maxing the income from the museum "merely" costs 243 emerald in comparison for the last step.
Somehow though, there is a currency beyond emerald...

- it is motly trophy purpose
- yes, you can succeed with the basic rod. It's even more fun that way. Even the middle-rod makes fishing incredibly easy. No, you can't switch between the rods, unfortunately.
- the fishes above your quota are turned into coins.
- area 4 is a wall for fishing too. The 3rd kind of fish here can swim so far it gets off the hook - with the second (middle) rod!
- with Chapter 5 you can complete the fish-collection. this means the best rod is entirely useless, because it is overpriced as heck. It costs RUBIES! (that's even beyond emerald)

- on the market you'll be able to buy a flute, and books that gives notes for the flute. During combat the flute will have its own icon, click on it before attacking, and everything will be fine. You need 3 rounds to capture the pet.
- do NOT bring mercenaries/pets to your pet-hunting expeditions.
- different colours from the same species are extra actures.
- pet-hunting is backtracking.
- the later stage the pet becomes available, the stronger the pet will be it seems. Pets have their on level, HP and attacks.
- always have a pet. They respawn if they die in combat on the map, no need to re-capture. this means that they make you survive for at least one more round.
- pets only gain exp for fights they participate in/survive!

Pet attributes:
- mosquite: basic pet
- waulfy: slightly better than mosquito
- mole: still simple attacking pet
- zuby: has lower attack, but greater health then the previous pets. Its major benefit is, it wast "weaken" on an enemy, making it deal less damage.
- stumpy: again basic attacking pet, again with better stats in comparison
- mushroom: its attack-pattern is #1 regenerate #2 attack. Has more HP than stup, but less attack power. Starts at clvl 140, which is high. Its attack is poiton, if that matters.
- pink moskito: comes at a very high level, has ca. the same HP as the mushroom, and higher dmg, but has no special, so I say, the meatshield-shroom is better. Has poison attack.
- tortoise: again simple attack pet, meaning somewhat higher dmg than the mushroom, and ca. the same HP. It's true advantage would be its immunity to fire, but how many times you are attacked by fire? (Don't remember what monsters, but lightning immunity exists too - the game calls it "resistance", but it is immunity as far as it can be told.)
- krab: it came as clvl 172, and had the same dmg as my clvl 209 mushroom. On the same level their HP would likely be the same (maybe a bit less?). So the stats seem to kinda be the same. Crabs have immunity ... to fire? Ye, I think lightning works on it.
- dark mole: not very attractive. Basic attack pet, or something. The stats are not impressive, and I see no special ability here.
- there will be the snow-fox later, by a chart I found somewhere, by raw DPS that is the strongest, the turtle being second. The turtle's hits individualy hit higher according to the chart, but the snow fox leads by every second turn dealing *2 dmg.

rule them moles: +20% HP
oof ring: the next time you'd perish, you continue on with 1 HP
fox ring: dodge cooldown -15%
turtle ring: block cooldown -15%
hunter ring: ranged dmg +20% (I found ranged dmg crap)
tamer badge: pet dmg and attack +20%
soldier ring: weapon special ability has 25% chance to not cost charge
knight ring: block charge +1
vengeful stone: counter dmg +25%
lioness ring: dodge charge +1
scarlet spikes: burn duration +2
ring of blaze: melee attack cause burn 15/%
soulcering: soulcery dmg +20%
blessed crystal: regenerate when low on HP X%
giant archers ring: regain bow charge upon bow skill 50% (this shows how worthless archery actualy is)
dragon ring: bow cooldown -15%
captain ring: incrised super&mega for special and bash (the first two "melee" skills).
moskito ring: melee attack cause poison 15%
elyne's ring: fireball/thnder cooldown -2 (the Witch has this)
ring of ambition: first fireball/thunderbolt will be mega
stone consumption: at super critical life steal X% (found at: the Dave. Most rings after the early game can only be bought from the Market)
stone of resilience: shield and heal super/mega chance +X%
master ring: omnisoul cooldown -5 (from Pupset, chapter 6)
yolo ring: melee dmg +20%

- pupset notes: useless (gameplay hints reminder)
- biboo's notes: useless (gameplay hints reminder)
- fishing for dummies: useless (gameplay hints reminder)
- how to get a pet: useless (gameplay hints reminder)
- the virtue of inflation: useless (gameplay hints reminder)
- my days in neverseen: useless (flavour-text)
- the truth about fingers volume I and II and III: each volume unlocks the ability to wear one extra ring
- crab jig (more expensive than turgon boogie)
- bat'ucada: allows you to capture bats as pets
- barking in F#minor: allows you to capture foxs as pets
- moskito bolero: allows you to capture moskitos as pets
- mole afterbeat: allows you to capture moles as pets
- mushy mambo: allows you to capture mushrooms as pets (costs more than stumps)
- stumps echoes: allows you to capture stumps as pets
- turgon boogie: allows you to capture turtles as pets
PS: I start to wonder what happens if you know the melodies from a walkthrough... Maybe you don't actualy need the books to collect pets?

Area 1-3 are pretty similar. Each group is 1-3 monster, and can be steamrolled with proper training (focusing on soulcery). Area 4 is a big wall though, where every group is 3 monster, which have hugh HP.
Area 4 was also where I'v reached the point where the currency switched from sapphire to emerald, and there the progress of earning slooows down quit a bit.

To unlock all abilities (to see what they actualy are) you need platinum level. But the skill point can be redistributed at any time, free of charge.
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