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high rated
Update 1.14 (05 August 2019)


We want to say how happy we are to see so many of you enjoying the game. It's the best reward for us really!


- Options disable/enable screen shake, flashes and text shake
- Defense training: mouse will now appear when you lose, so you can easily quit training


- Smoother difficulty curve for Shuriken (Melee and Defense)
- Increased earning from fishing
- Reduced Range training medal combo star requirement

Bug fixes

- Fixed leader-board not displaying thousands
- Fixed Pupset giving you the instructions for Agility training critical too soon
- Fixed Ring/Weapon persistent info
- Fixed entering training without unlocking it
- Fixed negative number
- Fixed the achievement beating final boss with beginner set not working without shield
- Fixed the crinkles in map music
- Fixed many typos
- Fixed missing translation for Fish trophies

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Argl & Kuho
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