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Here are the bugs I've noticed:
- mercenary NPC available to ALL character-slos, not just the one who progressed far enough
- archery targets spawning en-masse instead of with intervals between them
- soulcery-targets turning red faster than others spawned before them
- player's soulcery-icon during training lasting for varying intervals, practicaly the game cheats against the player
- lower level training badges becoming unavailable due to badge-bar not filling up
- higher level training-badges becoming available despite sufficient training-level is not achieved
- hitbox issues*
- timing issues**
- the game is simply too fast, at the very least for the golden level of melee training. You must be VERY lucky to not get shurikens, or even basic apples after a certain point, because it becomes physicaly impossible to hit the buttons, not to mention react.

*there happens you hit the inside of a circle during archery, but it does not register for a star. Also, there are instances when targets behind each other, despite the arrow being at the right location, do not register - the most shrining exemple for this, when 3 targets are behnd each other, 1 and 3 get hit, 2 remains up.

**once I've noticed I've shot a target, and a target was behind it. The first got hit on the side (nulling star-score), THEN the second target registered. For the same arrow. The point of hitting targets in front of each other by the way is, to give you stars independent from the center of the target by the way.

Missing achievements:
- True Soul Master medals
- Oof
- Okay, let’s play!
- likely then Fisherman’s Horizon either
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