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Recently bought the game.
On my first playthrough I took an optional item at the end of Act II Chapter IV.
Now I am on my second playthrough to see what is different when not accepting this item.

But when I lose 1 Hero and want to reload from the save point it loads a "Dark Environment" where only the
standard UI-elements are where they should be. My "heroes" are not visible, their Avatars and all dialog are missing.

Then zooming out only a chain and "childrens swing" are visible before some rock lit by vulcanic activity (?).

The weirdest fact is that exactly the same happened AGAIN after I started a new game and fought my way to this very save point.

This means the savepoint is completly worthless and I have to start every attempt from Restart Quest.
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I tried a verify/repair.
I saw some activity (download/install) but the problem was still unsolved.

The version number is now 1.0 ....... Is this the up-to-date version?
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Restarted the Quest once more and made it through in 1 go.

Hopefully the next savepoints will do what they are supposed to do.