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After shutting down all defenses and working your way through the randomize final building.... you get the basilisk...

Then 3 minigun gods that goes through buildings appears... you can take this as a feedback if you want but, yeah I dont think the game needed that.
Its already hard enough and entertaining trying to sneak through the final randomize building, that has a chance of not being able to be completed it if you dont save ALL of your dynamites, without triggering any alarms, sneaking and being perfect. You only need 1 alarm to make the whole thing a fail, get your security clearance revoked and go back again and do the Bank District 1-2 times, everytime you fail The Swindle.

It felt like comedy stunt. The preparation was getting there, the execution is getting the basilisk and the punchline is the 3 miniguns that spawns. Is like playing THIEF 1 and the game forcing you to fight those zombies... yeah I didnt like that nor I didnt like the 3 miniguns.

Felt like been taken for a ride. Remember being a Thief? Get in and get out unnoticed without triggering any alarm because you only need one to fail? Or ",,,hacking their systems, stealing all their cash, and quickly running away again before the police show up. " Well, heres 3 miniguns! Have fun.

I think everything is great except that Basilisk taking people for a ride, felt so unrewarding. Sit on your ass and wait for the EMP to charge. Much like the spawning of the 3 miniguns, I think im going to take a break for a few days and watch the ending on youtube.
Post edited August 04, 2015 by LastStep