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Hey guys,

Yesterday on the Last Resort forums a user posted some exciting news. He has coded a tool to replicate the original Won Network servers. He calls it NeuWon. It doesn't use LAN. You play Swat 3 the way we used to play multiplayer over the Won Network (or in this case NeuWon). Since you have to use their hacked .exe file right now you must use vanilla Swat 3 (you have to turn off Last Resort mod).

Below is a quote from his website:
"The NeuWon project is a Recreation of the old World Opponent Network created by, Sierra.
My original intentions were to create an authentication server for hl1(won), to play fully authenticated and use the chat features; which hadn't worked (on presteam half-life) since 2004.

It took me nearly a year and a half to create a semi-working authentication server. At that time i had got in contact with an old developer who shared 90% of the original API and server code with me. With the exception of code that pertains to anything that is not considered abandonware."
I posted some screenshots and the results of anti-virus testing on my website:

I haven't fully taken the plunge yet to test it because I am security paranoid. From my investigations so far it looks legit. I did however use the AccountWizard to create an account on his server. This part worked great.

At some point this weekend I hope to properly test it out on my laptop (instead of using my desktop computer).

Below is the link to his website:

UPDATE 2: Apparently you can't connect to play Swat 3 using this service yet because someone has to host a Swat 3 lobby on a dedicated server. I will post updates as I see them.
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Gamespy ceased its server masterlist service in 2012.

You can find a replacement to Gamespy middleware here:

so you will be able to browser servers in-game again, and play online.

Alternatively, you can use:
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BaDTimE-S4: Gamespy ceased its server masterlist service in 2012.
You are talking about Swat 4. I am talking about Swat 3. Two different games and two different ways of playing online.

Update to my first post: The NeuWon servers for Swat 3 are working. It is still in the early testing phases so the server may be down from time to time. I am working on an update for the Last Resort mod so that Neuwon is built into it.
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Does neuwon still work?
TrueEmpire: Does neuwon still work?
Yes, it still works but the Swat 3 server is down right now.

We are waiting on the owner of NeuWon to finish upgrading his website before re-opening the Swat 3 server. He has also promised an admin tool to help deal with any possible trouble makers on the server.

He is a busy guy with a young family so it is taking a while unfortunately...