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It seems that every now and then I manage to get the game to lock up effectively - that is, the map becomes unresponsive, no longer draggable or clickable, no events - the only thing still active is the menu and the codex/etc.

So far it's occurred a number of times:

- immediately after Gus calls about the first investment (restarted, made slightly different choices leading up to it and got past it)
- Turn 9 - after approving alcohol tax
- After restarting from the start of turn 9, this time, before I got to the alcohol tax, I approved Mansoun's request (to form a rights committee - previously I had rejected this).

I haven't noticed anyone else having these issues, so I'm starting to wonder if I happen to be choosing the few remaining bugged-out options, or whether there's something else going on...
OK this keeps happening.

Further investigation shows it's ONLY THE GOG VERSION that this happens with.

Which is a) surprising, b) ridiculous, and c) really annoying.

I've already submitted info to the Discord - which by the way is not a great experience for bug reporting...