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For some reason, 'Surviving Mars' is missing from my (GOG) library view when I apply the filter to only show Linux games... The title still appears if no filters are applied (i.e. all of the games I have purchased are shown), and I can still download the latest version for Linux-based operating systems by accessing the game in my (GOG) library and downloading the relevant shell scripts; but if I apply the "Linux" filter, GOG thinks the game is not in my library!

It never used to be like this... Anyone else notice this?
I don't have this game but I confirm, and this bug isn't new. If you look at it closely, you will notice that checking the Linux filter doesn't select Ubuntu 18.04. I found a workaround some time ago, but don't remember which one... maybe checking 18.04 first and then the others, but I'm not sure.

EDIT : Yes that's it, check 18.04, then check Linux, and I suppose the filter will be applied correctly. Not 100% sure though, but there are more games in the list !
Post edited November 26, 2021 by NovHak