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I have a request about the "Beyond Earth Initiative" research in the research tree. I'm kind of at a point at 157 Sol that Roddenberry has been deceased for some time and I have continued the missions so far but now suddenly comes the message that the project has failed. Now I thought, it is because I had longer not the possibility to send the next rocket loose, so I have loaded 2 Sol before (155 Sol) and it with hang and choke again tried to send the rocket earlier (was the one with 30 poly, 30 metal parts, 30 electrical parts) and it was also successful and I had now 2 of 4 buildings of the initiative successfully completed. But, back at 157 sol again the message announces to me that the initiative has failed.

Can someone explain to me why this is so? Is there no way to finish the initiative even though you regularly send a rocket? Does it automatically stop after a certain number of sol? I find it quite difficult to support this initiative on the side, especially with such large quantities that you don't produce at the beginning. Catching up from Earth is possible, but for all 4 things it takes time and costs a lot of money.

Would be grateful for an answer, how to circumvent this if necessary, can postpone or otherwise.

(If what is with the English, I translated it because I did not know whether you can write in German or there is no search result in the German-speaking forum part to Surviving Mars).

There are 4 parts to the "mission".
You only have to compete 3 of them.
Each of those parts needs 4 rockets full of whatever it asks for.

There is a time limit to complete this, but it's not specified anywhere.

The way to beat it is to expand slowly - it only starts once you pass 120 population.
Stay under that and either build up industry to create the resources, or generate money to import them.