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Changelog for Updates (added 20 October 2019):

- Improvements for endboss (its default color is less saturated to avoid confusion; the color pipe is lower so you cannot reach the ring from it)
- Repositioned last golden barrel slightly so it won't fall through the ground sometimes
- Fixed hole in farm cave

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

- Fixed bug when pulling objects to each other with the beam; objects were flying in the wrong direction.
- Small puzzle improvements in several places for easier handling and added a few subtle hints
- Fixed out of bounds situations in many places. My recent optimisation removed a lot of slippery angles from rocks and cliffs, so you could climb out of the world. That should all be fixed now.
- Fixed blue steel bars at endboss blocking translocator ball (also unintended side effect of my optimisation)
- Fixed being able to walk on air at the lift-block puzzle before the chapel
- Fixed several meshes being inverted (side effect of optimisation)
- Fixed quest text not changing after getting first MacGuffin
- Improved Serbian translation
- Small improvements

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

- Changed the way the beam works (now you eliminate it with both fire buttons at once instead of clicking the first, and it starts instantly scanning when you hold the first fire button)
- Updated blaster sounds (thanks Gianluca Romano), sounds a lot cooler now
- Improved sword animation
- Made enemy-smacking sound much louder so it feels more satisfying to beat them up
- Changed the look of volcano signs
- Link to new crowdfunding page in main menu
- Fixed "go to the blue king" quest triggering after loading the game no matter what the actual quest was
- Added fallback solution for getting stuck in the blue ville front yard after loading the game
- Improvements to the red town sewers (plus an additional door that cannot be used yet)
- Fixed 3 places you cannot escape from
- Fixed many NPCs failing to point a certain direction (due to prior optimisation work) (does not fix old savegames)
- Misc. small improvements

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

- Fixed getting stuck in UE4 loading screen (we should have fixed it, pls let us know! We figured out why it would happen but could not properly test it ourselves)
- NPCs are now doing idle animations sometimes

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

- Fixed NPCs sometimes floating
- Fixed small stuff in several places

Standalone installers updated (1.7.8 ⇒ 1.8.2): 21 October 2019.
Hopefully the Steam January 2020 Update will arrive soon :(
So we JUST got version 1.13.2 patch, and it was 2 gb, so where's the patch notes!? I hate it when devs update the game without the current patch notes!
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I'll put up the change log now. Sorry, it's sometimes a bit too much work for me updating different platforms for different OSs and doing the PR work etc.

There is no news section for games on gog? I don't find any good place to post it, so I created a thread on this forum.
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DavidM1337: [...] There is no news section for games on gog? I don't find any good place to post it, so I created a thread on this forum.
Thanks for posting changelogs here, appreciated.

No, there's no news section on GOG, and for that reason the specific game forum is used. Some developers/publishers post each update as a separate thread, others create a Changelog thread, and post all updates in it, and often the Changelog thread is created by a user (like here), and developers/publishers use it.

Of course, it's up to you which format you're going to use.

Hope this helps, and thanks again.