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high rated
Update 1.9.1
- Magnet improvements: 1. Improved magnet controls (not floaty anymore, you will be steady); 2. magnet sound will signal when you're getting out of reach of metal
- Translocator improvements: 1. Teleport won't be denied that often; it's now better at finding a nearby spot to teleport to; 2. Translocator Light is now 100% reliable in showing if the teleport will work or not
- Chest detector CPU performance improved drastically
- Added one more puzzle behind the green moons to tutorialize a mechanic used for the endboss that most people didn't know anything about
- NPC during end boss will more often talk by himself to give the player important hints
- Giant pumpkin in carrot town can now be eaten by flies (nothing else, just for consistency... because endboss)
- Additional hint during end boss, that flies don't eat purple things
- Fixed speech bubble in top left corner error
- Fixed being able to select speech bubbles with mouse
- Hard drive guy now has a button to make the process less misunderstandable
- Fixed wooden crate sometimes not falling out off pipe behind purple crystal
- Added additional hint that the force cube is not bright enough to attract flies
- Fixed out of focus shot during credits scene
- Replaced flammable wood with card board in some places
- Properly disabled player input during intro and credits
- Replaced some blue boards with destroyable glass
- A little more use of the fire mechanics by adding some extra puzzle steps
- Fixed winch from going crazy sometimes when using it
- Made it easier to get into chimney of suprastar
- Colored ring button will now reliably kick out translocator balls with the wrong color
- Fixed visual issue at cave-fly-waterfall and added a little hint to the puzzle
- Fixed problem with panic light not reacting to color change when the ball is already inside of it
- Made some electricity antennas golden for easier usage in the late game
- Fixed NPCs in Blue Ville courtyard from existing twice for a few moments
- Improved collision of giant castle
- Fixed NPC animation problems

Update 1.12.5
Gameplay and Puzzles:
- Improved Force Beam causing crazy physics in certain situations
- Your gun will now be held back the closer you get to a wall so it doesn't stick through walls
- Added 1 more puzzle in the first desert area that makes it harder getting an existing chest
- Small changes to endboss puzzle to disguise 2 mechanism that were way too obvious, like the electricity part; also made the coloring hint more impactful
- Changed progression in Volcano 1 region to make an optional puzzle mandatory because it's to good to waste it
- Added new puzzle step near the suprastar house to tutorialise battery shooting that many people don't understand at this point
- Added small new underground part in carrot town that teaches the use of the pickaxe because many misunderstand it
- Improved hint for optional jumppad puzzle in Volcano 1 region
- Added NPC in players home showing you the new map after the end credits because many people seem to miss it
- Fixed archers shooting the wrong way (and you being protected by looking at them lol)
- Added reassuring NPC to Volcano 4 area telling you that you have everything that you need to solve the puzzle, because many people thought they didn't
- Made puzzle near giant carrots simpler, where you leave carrot town with a jumppad
- Small improvements, additions and simplifications in lots of places
- Improved "pull-up-door" physics to not go crazy sometimes
- Changed how you open one shortcut pipe near the suprastar house
- Fixed that you could spawn the translocator through super tiny holes
- Changed color of big red lever at yellow pipe to blue, to give a better hint as to how to use it, and made sure it always works
- Completely changed the way the puzzle works that gets you on top of the locker building, using a previously unused mechanism
- Fixed hint guy under red crystal not appearing, in a certain case, to tell you where to find the stomp ability
- Added new mini puzzle near the end of the purple crystal pit
- In Blue Ville it's now easier to get the first 5 coins, many didn't see it
- Added edible pumpkins in several places to hint towards the end boss
- Fixed being able to kill "poop bosses" before they spawned

- First person walking animation improved (includes all walking directions now instead of just a forward walking animation; look down while walking to appreciate it)
- Sword is now hidden (held down) when running because its bobbing might make someone feel sick
- Changed visuals of card board pieces
- Prettier lamps here and there
- Sponge design improved
- New jumppad design
- Improved design of keycard reader (less confusing lights and it will close forever after it was used)
- Fixed ugly shadow seams on pipes
- Improved a certain NPC walk animation
- Improved palm tree leaves; animated instead of static
- Fixed ugly shadows on some glass surfaces
- Made chest on other side of giant pond more visible because many missed it existed
- Improved lighting in facility
- Turn off nearby electricity during blueville cutscene because of annoying sound
- Lots of small improvements

- Can now skip "Warum warum" when it was started from the menu by clicking ESC and Resume.
- Optimised lightmap density (should lower required space on disk and in vram)
- Fixed electricity effect being invisible with low framerate (under 20)
- Maybe fixed very rare problem with gold-scammed guy not talking and blocking the game progression
- Invisible wall will now congratulate upon touching it if you try to enter Blue Ville way too early.
- Fixed being able to use certain ingame functions while being in the menu
- Making sure the buckle is off during the end sequence
- Lots of small improvements

Update 1.13.2
- Added new puzzle right after getting the translocator to teach the behaviour of cardboards better; also changed the way a secret area works there; and added a new secret area here too
- Fixed possible bug when putting objects into color machine
- Improved handling of rank plates (can get pulled out of socket with beam; has better rotation while carrying)
- Changed the way 2 secret areas near the purple crystal work (require knowledge but not abilities from later in the game)
- Added new mini volcano interaction possibility with other things
- Improved button prompt hint when you first need to burn a cardboard
- Made progression visually clearer in Volcano1 because most people didn't know where to go
- Improved magnet behaviour when attracting things to you (so they don't wildly swirl around you anymore and you can now float up heavy objects while attracting light ones)
- If player gets stuck inside the door in Volcano4 they will now get teleported in front of the door and get an additional hint displayed
- Don't need to do the way back across the big water under the wood logs anymore, only need to get to the chest.
- Fixed laser trigger becoming green when the force beam goes through it (it now gets ignored)
- Fixed missing footstep sounds when strafing of walking backwards
- Shells now a little more visible
- Fixed bug introduced in the last updated regarding the with chest/grave detector
- Improved gun arm animation when standing close to wall
- Small improvements here and there
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