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D0mS: Is it possible to use an azerty keyboard to play superhot on linux ? With windows it's possible (i saw that in others forum) but i don't find the tip in linux.
Hey D0mS,

If I understand correctly, you want to play the game and you use the French/AZERTY layout? It's not possible to rebind the keys, but you can temporarily change your keyboard setting to QWERTY as a workaround.

To do so, use the following command:

setxkbmap us

Then restore the AZERTY setting once you're done:

setxkbmap fr

You can put it in the game starting script Change the fragment in the line 16, so it will look like this:

run_game() {
echo "Running ${GAME_NAME}"
export LC_ALL=C
cd game
setxkbmap us
setxkbmap fr

Warning! This will change the keyboard setting in your entire system to QWERTY, then restore it to AZERTY once you quit the game.
Post edited March 13, 2017 by linuxvangog