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I just read the GoG FAQ and I see they only advertise support for Ubuntu / Mint, but I just wanted to throw out a crash I've ran into on start-up in Fedora. When I launch the game, the... launcher pulls up smoothly but when I try to run the game I see this:

support/gog_com.shlib: line 94: 3735 Aborted (core dumped) ./"${bin_64}"

Anyone have tips for getting around this? I'm running the latest version as of Mar 6 2016 (labeled GoG.3 I think).
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This happens to me with Ubuntu 14.04 64 bits as well, so it's not a Fedora problem.

Try running the game like this:

$SUPERHOT_INSTALL_PATH/game/SUPERHOT.x86_64 -force-opengl

That worked for me.