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While I would like to see all these games uncensored on GOG, there is one big "elephant in the room". It's not GOG itself, but the payservices that are coupled to the website. Especially PayPal is very, very sensitive to any "adult" content. If a website start selling uncensored stuff, PayPal simply stops servicing that site.

I personally don't mind, because GOG uses iDeal, that is far less (if at all) sensitive to "adult" stuff, but a lot of people here use PayPal, and losing that service would be a major blow to GOG.

So - I am sure the people behind GOG are not that short-minded at all, but the people behind PayPal certainly are. They don't mid violence (even extreme violence), but start foam-mouthing the moment things get a bit too erotic (by the way... I wonder why PayPal turned a blind eye to The Witcher 3, but I do not expect rationality from them so I am not too surprised).

Anyway - Like it or not, these are the things GOG has to deal with...
I am sure Steam can get away with more, but even they have to watch their back.
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