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The GoG version doesn't work either, and thanks to M$ refusing to update Win 7 due to my having current hardware I cant fix the problem.

I will be installing a freash Ubuntu boot soon so I'll see if that will fix my issue once and for all.
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Usually this indicates a conflict with the audio driver of a headset, try the following:

- Check to make sure the driver you have is up to date.
- Unplug the sound device and launch the game, once launched plug it back in.
- If you have access to one, try an alternative sound device to the one that causes the error (speakers / headset).
Been there, done that with the original version from Denpensoft. I even went so far as to install a seperate sound card and got no joy.

The part that is frustating is it is suposed to be an issue with a headset, but I don't use one. I use Speakers exclusively, and yes I have unpluged the speakers.

I have zero issues with the other 2 Sunrider games, so this has been a pain in my butt for awhile now (at least since release).

Thanks for the input though.