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Original post here. Announcement copied below.
When we last talked about the release date of the Sovereign Edition, we said we expected it to come out in August or September. Unfortunately, we need to delay it, for two reasons.

First, the performance optimisations needed for Sunless Skies to run smoothly on consoles have turned out to be more complex than we expected. Second, the ongoing pandemic has caused severe disruptions that have affected the rate of work.

We’d hoped we’d be able to share a new release date with you. However, the time that will be needed for the remaining optimisations still isn’t clear, and we don’t want to announce a date that we might miss. We’ll let you know as soon as we have a release window we’re confident in.

We realise some people might want us to release the Sovereign Edition on PC first. However, that isn’t really something we can do. We’re not sitting on a release-ready PC version, waiting for the console ports to be finished.

The Sovereign Edition is meant to be the definitive version of the game, which includes being as smooth and bug-free as we can make it. The PC and console versions share code, so that both will benefit from all the performance improvements and bug fixes developed for the ports.

We’re sorry to have to keep you waiting. We’re excited about the improvements in the Sovereign Edition, and have been looking forward to sharing them with you. We’ll announce a new release date as soon as we can.
Post edited September 17, 2020 by FailbetterFuzz