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Build Version:
Release Date: 28/05/2021

For bug reports and technical help, please see our Troubleshooting Guide.

* The micro stuttering seen on locomotives, agents and projectiles has been resolved - this has introduced a stutter when docking, we're looking into it.
* Prospect quality effects are once again visible.
* Mr Menagerie, the Inscribed Tinkerer and the Portsmouth Arsenal now state the correct level requirement for equipment and scouts.
* Several typos have been fixed.

We're working on more bug fixes next week so expect further builds. Thank you for your patience and the help with testing the FPS issue on the beta builds.

************************************************************************************************************** *******************

Build Version:
Release Date: 04/06/2021

We are still looking into the stutter that is seen when docking and a number of other bugs. We aim to address these issues and put out another build in the coming weeks, however key members of the Sunless Skies team are now on much needed annual leave and will return in just over a week’s time when work on these issues will commence.

Thank you for your patience and the help with testing the beta builds we’ve been releasing.

Tech bug fixes
* Quality Result text is now visible on Mac devices.
* We’ve updated some blur shaders which may be causing UI transparency issues on Macs.
* You can now use keyboard thrust controls immediately after closing an interface, even if pressing the thrust keys with the menu was still open.
* We’ve made some changes to make the scout behave better when it is deployed. If it refuses to be sent out again please send an in-game bug report so we can take a look further into why they are being disobedient.
* Ambient messages should no longer trigger on the same frame causing the text to double up over the top of each other.
* We’ve made some changes to the avatar rendertexture to attempt to resolve the missing avatar in character creation that some Mac players are seeing. Since our office Macs are unaffected, we need volunteers to test this out and report back to us. Please create a new save and complete the tutorial to the point of character creation, then send an in-game bug report to us to let us know if your avatar displays correctly. N.B. If it does we recommend creating an avatar to replace the blank one in your current lineage

Narrative bug fixes
* If your Caged Catch escapes, the ensuing events will now always be described in correct prose.
* Once you have completed the Experimental Engine quest and received the Devourer of Distance, the Contriver's Collaborator will no longer incorrectly show up in your passenger list.
* When you are Assisting a Penitent Nurse, the journal will be less repetitious.
* Captains will now always be able to see some of the exploration options at Port Prosper, even if they do not currently meet the requirements for them.
* It is no longer possible to prematurely abandon your conversation with the Illuminated Archivist, and so become unavailable to reach the end of the associated story.
* It should now be clearer that the Office of Works may offer captains a task twice in a row.
* It should now be clearer that only one of the field samples is required to complete a quest at the Nature Reserve.
* Handwriting in the Abandoned Signal Box ledger is still poor, but this fact will now not be randomly repeated twice in the same passage.
* Paying off a Lustrum prospector will now cost exactly as much as claimed, rather than three times more.
* Captains who defeat a Resurrectionist will no longer be shown two different hull repair options.
* If passengers change their minds and ask to be returned to Port Prosper, captains can now oblige them.
* It is now possible to make a sacrifice to the Burrower Below while Adrift, so long as you have her attention.
* If you labour for Nostalgic Crockery at Worlebury-juxta-Mare, you will no longer be falsely informed that you will receive tea as a reward.
* It should now be clearer that a certain tea-related bargain can be available from a variety of ports.
* The scholars of Traitor's Wood will no longer request or receive consignments of literature if they are no longer there.
* Amberley Murgatroyd will now never falsely claim Midnight's Favour is more scarce than it truly is.
* It is no longer possible to meet Midnight through tea drinking if they have been met through the monastery.
* The Ministry of Public Decency has once again valiantly dispatched a number of typos.
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Build Version:
Release Date: 01/07/2021

We’re still looking into the docking stutter and some pesky issues on Mac builds, including issues with the headlights. We’ll get these fixes out ASAP.

As always thank you for your patience and support.

Narrative bug fixes
* It should no longer be possible to get stuck while speaking to the Phlegmatic Researcher about their requests.
* The need to collect a passenger for the New Street Line before going to the drop off point should now be signalled a little more clearly.
* Searching Elsewhere at the Sun-Shattered Dome will now degrade your suit.
* Captains with Past: A Bell Tolls will no longer see two options to dispose of their death at the Nurseries.
* Once you've dealt with the Vagabond at Old Tom's Well, there will no longer be a conversation option with the Minister which suggests you don't know what became of him.
* Captains participating in the Rochester Race in Albion will no longer be falsely told that they have 30 days to win, when in fact they have 15.
* Various duplicate occurrences of 'the' have been removed from the Court of Mules
* While stepping out of a circle at the Regent's Grave, it will no longer be suggested that you are, in fact, stepping in to it.
* Transporting a Workworld Runaway will no longer cause the amount of cargo in your hold to go out of sync.
* Captains will now be directed to the correct auction house when they receive a Prospect Opportunity.
* Several typos have been fixed.

Tech bug fixes
* We believe we have fixed the issue with avatars not generating correctly on Mac devices. If you still see a blank avatar when creating a new captain then please let us know via the in-game bug reporter. We'd also appreciate reports to confirm the fix is working - thank you in advance.
* Bronzewood has been reduced in size to ensure it never completely blocks the corridors in the Reach.
* Agents in the Blue Kingdom should no longer become trapped by Vaults or Enclaves of the Dead.
* The explosion SFX heard when travelling through the Albion to Eleutheria relay for the first time can now be muted.
* Loading at relays with mechanical problems no longer causes the heat bar to become misaligned.
* After suffering from mechanical problems the heat bar will return to full size after leveling up via the facet interface.
* Tooltips will no longer draw partially off screen, particularly when using the larger font size.
* The player log will no longer be spammed with errors when using a resolution with a non-16:9 aspect ratio on Macs
* Letterboxing on non-16:9 resolutions will no longer flicker and should now be black instead of red on Macs
* Storylets will no longer become frozen and prevent you from making progress.
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Build Version (MacOS only):
Release Date: 08/07/2021

* GOG achievements are once again working on MacOS builds.
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Platform: PC (Windows/Linux/MacOS)
Build Version: 2.0.3.c8261d41
Release Date: 09/09/2021

We’ve been unable to fully resolve the outstanding bug with the locomotive headlight which is seen on some OSX devices. However there is a workaround; using -force-glcore or alternatively -force-opengl as a launch command will resolve the issue. Full steps can be found in our troubleshooting guide.

Tech bug fixes
* The screen will no longer shake when docking, though the locomotive itself may judder slightly.
* After erupting from host locomotives, Guest tentacles will continue to writhe.
* Dreadnought Guest damage and death animations have returned.
* The animations on Chorister Bee’s wings should no longer freeze.
* Agent headlight intensity has been lowered slightly so it is easier to see their bullets on smaller screens.
* The chart label for the Eleutheria transit relay in Worlebury is no longer blank.
* Tutorial ambient messages and control prompts now have a background layer so they are easier to read.
* Gamepad exclusive fields have been removed from the Controls menu.

Narrative bug fixes
* The Researcher’s Crusade quest is now displayed in the journal rather than on the status panel.
* All references of Ministry-Approved Permits have been replaced with Ministry-Stamped Permits.
* The Poetic Forged Companion will no longer be mentioned when speaking to The Pugilistic Forged Companion.
* You will now always gain Terror when failing to climb the mountain at Lustrum.
* The Patchwork Devil quest will now update in the journal once you’ve captured a live Chorister Bee.
* If the Incognito Princess is on secondment you cannot forge a ring for her at Carillon, or help her meet the Measurer's demands at Crossroads.
* The safer and riskier options on prospect opportunities at Lustrum and Prosper now display the correct chance of success.
* Peculiarities on the status panel will now display a level description where appropriate.
* Several typos have been fixed.
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Platform: PC (Windows/Linux/MacOS)
Build Version: 2.0.4.fcf0af7a / 2.0.4.fcf0af7a-b (MacOS builds)
Release Date: 15/12/2021

Tech bug fixes
* Your headlight will no longer pass through solid terrain.
* We’ve made some changes to address the crashes seen when starting a new game on MacOS builds.

Narrative bug fixes
* It is no longer possible to finish developing Titania without completing two projects.
* It should now be clearer how to expand Titania across different captains within the same lineage.
* Speaking to the Caring Conductor when docked will no longer trigger a warning message that breaks docking.
* You can once again collect a bee from a Chorister-Corpse or the Flower Fields for the Abstemious and Patchwork Devils.
* The Abstemious Devil quest will now update in the journal once you've captured a bee.
* The Studious Companion will no longer incorrectly be mentioned when parting ways with the Pugilistic or Poetic Companions.
* The Pugilistic Companion is no longer incorrectly referred to as the Vigorous Companion.
* If you rid yourself of the Clay Conductor, the quest journal will now update accordingly.
* Once the Clay Conductor has been dismissed from your service, you can no longer continue to help him search for a companion.
* It should now be clear when you lose crew at the Giggling Place.
* The Repentant Devil will no longer incorrectly be referenced when speaking to The Defiant Devil.
* As always, a few more typos have been banished.