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high rated
Build Version: 1.3.3.d6875ff2
Release Date: 06/11/2019

For bug reports and technical help, please see our Troubleshooting Guide.

Please see our announcement post for details of all updates to this build.

* Some balance adjustments have been made to lateral thrust.
* The highlighting and spacing on Storylet panels has been improved.
* Changes to your qualities are now presented more clearly.
* Storylet logging is now capped to the last few branches selected.
* The left stick on gamepads now scrolls and highlights branches (you no longer have to use the left and right stick together together).

N.B. With regards to scrolling with gamepads, R3 is still used to move up to see logged branch choices and down to view long quality results. There are a few outstanding issues with R3 scrolling, in particular on non-hub bazaars. We will address these issues in a future update.

Bug fixes
* Curators will no longer pursue you endlessly across the High Wilderness.
* Focus can no longer be lost from the control menu when using a gamepad.
* Activating Full Steam Mode will no longer cause the Dendrified Vagabond to play a jig on his harmonica.
* You can no longer travel under terrain near Tiggelaar's Haunt.
* Headlights will no longer pass through terrain near Prosper or New Winchester.
* You will no longer collide with invisible obstacles near Braley Rock.
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