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Build Version: 1.3.1.a8b5de55
Release Date: 18/09/2019

Please note, we now have an in-game bug reporting tool.

For technical issues, please see our Troubleshooting Guide.

Bug fixes and updates
* The Peacock wind will no longer empty a crate of Supplies once it has been filled.
* Quality tooltips will never now be prefaced with the word 'COMPLETE'.
* It is no longer possible to recruit the Chiropterous Hoarder if they are already in your service.
* The hold capacity of locomotives should now never be out of sync when loading a save file in the Hoarder release.
* It is now possible to leave the Now-Triumphant Priest's cottage without eating pie.
* Entering the Reach after completing the Lost Love's quest in a certain way will no longer entrap you in a storylet with no branches.
* Numerous narrative tweaks and typo fixes.