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Build Version: 1.3.0.f37a9de5
Release Date: 12/09/2019

Please note, we now have an in-game bug reporting tool.

For technical issues, please see our Troubleshooting Guide.

Please see our announcement post for details of all updates to this build.

Bug fixes and updates
* Scouts now insist on being fed the correct amount of Supplies, even if this means opening a new crate.
* Tooltips for quest objectives are no longer indiscreet about potential plot developments.
* Sounds no longer get out of step with their animations when interfaces are opened.
* There is now a sound effect for arriving at transit relays.
* Many locomotives now have higher Quarters.
* The Agravain's base Hull has been increased.
* Cramped Quarters are now available at St Dominic's Augmentations in London.
* Engine Problems are now known as Mechanical Problems.
* Heat now accrues and dissipates smoothly, rather than in steps.
Any chance for 1.3.0 upload to GOG?
mbartosi: Any chance for 1.3.0 upload to GOG?

Apologies for this. I can see they've definitely been uploaded on the dev portal but that they are not available to Linux right now. I've prodded the folks at GOG who are always very quick to respond so I imagine they will be made available shortly.