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Hey, folks,

Sunless Skies is great! I'm quite excited to try out the January update, but I see it's not yet available on Linux. Is there an ETA on that?

Obviously, I understand if you're not sure, what with the world falling apart and everything.

Cheers, and thanks for making a great game.
Yeah, this is ridiculous. And I get it, it's GOG fault.
I bought a second copy on Steam when there was a promotion -- you deserve it Failbetter. Steam updates Linux games fortunately.

You lost GOG.
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I'm pretty disappointed there's been no word on this, not even a "well, sometime this year, I guess". I'd rather not have to purchase the game again on Steam (don't get me wrong--I do like the studio, but one purchase per customer per game should be enough, and Steam is just obnoxious to use) just to be able to play the latest version. Given that Gog has a huge sale on, obviously they're not totally shut down or anything...
Well, I'm playing (and was pleasantly surprised to find how smoothly the installation went on my Fedora) but I would gladly welcome the update!
Same here, I'm waiting for the update for Linux here (I've tried the Windows version under Linux Wine, but is doesn't launch).
I've not purchased this game yet, but I'm pretty excited by it. I'd love to see the latest version carried if possible!

All the best,

Oh crap! Sorry folks, I didn't realise.

I'll look into this ASAP. There must be a cog stuck in the GOG build client for Linux. I'll speak to support and get it sorted. Unfortunately tomorrow is my last day before 2 weeks of annual leave so if I don't get it sorted by the end of the day tomorrow then I'll make sure it's a priority on my return.

I know it's frustrating not to have the latest but you're really not missing anything in 1.3.7. We only updated it as we needed to change the way the Fallen London plug worked on the title screen (this was because of all the anniversary work we did in Fallen London in the new year).

I managed to throw in a couple of bug fixes too but it's literally fixes to the bug reporter tool, a couple of typos and some changes to stop agents attacking you in dock. So there's nothing substantially different from 1.3.6.