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low rated
I pay full price for Sunless Sea at a lot higher than £7.99. Now I see if I had pre-ordered it I would get the expansion free, and if I bought Sunless Sea for the first time today, I would get both Sunless Sea AND the expansion for the same £7.99!

But because I am one of the many who paid the cash for the developer to keep paying the rent over the last year or so, I get no break at all and am expect to pay ANOTHER £7.99 for the expansion on top of what I already paid! For your information, that's a today of £19.38 i would have paid for this when adding the cost of the expansion!

Absolutely ridiculous!
you are absolutely ridiculous
For a second there I thought I was reading a Steam forum.
I know right!! I bought a car 10 years ago and if I bought the same one today I would have saved thousands!! I demand a refund!