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dr.schliemann: However, this solution has serious performances effects on my (slow) system, and it isn't so appealing aesthetically, because the graphics appears as simply horizontally stretched.
Yeah. Tried that but I'm good the way it is. Works fine and any stretching that might be occurring is just not noticeable. At least to me. I play on a 1920x1080 monitor. The only thing I loved about using the widescreen hack was being able to alt-tab out, but I don't even miss that.
Crosmando: This patch fixes many issues in the PC version of the game, also it enables you to set widescreen resolutions like 1920x1080: (second from the bottom)

Just extract the files from the zip into your Summoner folder, to set a custom resolution by opening the "dinput" file in notepad and editing the resolution part.

Tested and works with the GOG version. All credits go to Timeslip for the patch.
Does it include any patch notes? I'd like to know what stuff does it fix.
Green_Hilltop: Does it include any patch notes? I'd like to know what stuff does it fix.
Yes, it includes a readme and a console_commands.txt. Here is a copy and paste of the readme;

Requires summoner v1.40

Copy dinput.dll and dinput.ini into the directory of sum.exe
Open dinput.ini in a text editor and set the options appropriately

A list of console commands is available in console_commands.txt.


Fixed bik movie corruption in 32 bit mode
Fixed savegame image corruption in 32 bit mode
Added option to pick nonstandard resolutions
Added an option to skip the opening movies

Added an option to change the speed of gameplay
Fixed an issue in the original game that could break its timing code on >4GHz processors
Added an option to increase the cameras zoom range
Added the ability to bind console commands to keys
Added options to change interaction distances
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Oh awesome, thank you!
Green_Hilltop: Oh awesome, thank you!
Glad it was helpful :)
I've backed up Timeslips mod via my Mediafire in case the original links stop working. Please let me know if these go down and I'll reupload.

Summoner modv10:

Summoner modv10-Reduced enemy range of view (fixed):

Also-Judge Dan has a mod some of you might be interested in. It's a weapons/armor rebalance.
"All weapons have been rebalanced. Bows now do more reliable damage overall and several prices have been corrected. Previously broken enchanted weapons have been further repaired. Oh, and the spiked mace now does piercing instead of slashing damage."

Posts describing this mod in detail begin at post #56 I believe. I've been using it for the last week and so far game play has improved significantly.
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I think it dosn't work anymore.
When I used this patch on the gog-version I become a "wrong version"-message and the game dosn't start =[
Well, worked for me. But no Alttabbing.