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I bought Summoner as soon as GOG added it to their site but could never get it to work correctly. I always had the super speed glitch and skipping cutscenes so I couldn't enjoy the game. I tried all the solutions posted on GOG and Steam but none of them seemed to work. I have finally found a solution that works for me and want to share it so any people still unable to play this classic can enjoy it again.

1. Download D3DOverrider (Google it)
2. Run D3DOverrider and add Sum.exe located in the base Summoner install directory
3. Make sure "Force VSync" and "Force triple buffering" are enabled in D3DOverrider for Sum.exe
4. Enjoy the game without super speed glitching or cutscene skipping

Tested and working on a computer running Win7x64 with a HD5570 and another running a HD6870.

Bonus bug fix: if you're having problems with graphics glitches (I also had some) then enter Setup from the launcher and disable "Use D3D Optimizations." Then launch the game from Sum.exe instead of the launcher (you can edit the shortcut) and that might clear it up.

Hope this helps somebody.
I can vouch for your post as I have followed your instructions. Thank you very much, I been looking for this game for years and looking for a patch for awhile now after buying it.

Do you plan on sharing this on the Steam forums?