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Back before the purple floppy bat and the ostrich-hammer were norm, Volition made a game that was a bit more serious. A game about betrayal, about loss and redemption. A game about a young man that has the power to summon creatures of great power and a destiny to slay an emperor. This was Summoner, and by Urath did it seem better 15 years ago.
Summoner sold me on the PS2: I played it on a friend's machine and went out the next day and finally bought one, ending my Dreamcast era. Unfortunately, I don't have my PS2 or the game any more due to fire. So, I bought the PC version here on gog. The controls are worse (chains were much easier on the PS2, and the key to making Flece amazing, and I recall that combat was much more turn-based-like than just simple rtwp -- maybe it just autopaused more), the graphics appear worse (maybe due to flaws in the drivers I'm playing with), and generally the entire game just seems much worse for some reason. Maybe, like you claim for yourself, it's just nostalgia. I prefer to believe it's just a better game on the PS2. Then again, maybe part of it is that it just doesn't run right on modern systems (or, as in my case, in Wine). That could explain the graphic issues, the response time issues, sound issues, etc. Maybe they actually did some improvements in the game between the PC and PS2 versions, as well, who knows?

Also: no need to worry about reviewing Summoner 2; it is not like Summoner in any way, other than maybe a similar graphic style. The main heroine isn't even a summoner (she's a shapeshifter, even though her non-human shapes are called "summons").