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Greetings :o)
I have bought Sudden Strike 2 Gold here. (

In the Description, it states "Includes: Sudden Strike 2 and Sudden Strike 2: Resource War."
When i want to download the offline Installation Files from the Website ( I do not use GOG Galaxy ),
i see two games
1. Sudden Strike 2 v2.20 ( Size: 594 MB )
2. Sudden Strike 2: Resource War v2.40 (Size: 454 MB )

Naturally, i would download the one with the higher version number
But that one is smaller.

Which of the two downloads includes everything mentioned on the storepage?
( Sudden Strike 2 + Sudden Strike 2: Resource War + Total Victory Map Pack )

Edit: The same seems to apply to the Sudden Strike 3 versions
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This question / problem has been solved by green_zingerimage
These are two different versions of the game. Resource War is another game in the series.
This also applies to sudden strike 3. One version Sudden Strike 3: Arms For Victory, another Sudden Strike: The Last Stand. These are games with different campaigns, maps and multiplayer.
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Hm, so the ones with the higher version-number are Standalone Addons i gather?
Yes, these are standalone games. But, I recommend using GOG Galaxy when installing those games with which you have not worked, this will save you from confusion. ".exe" can always be downloaded later. When you understand what games you are dealing with.
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Sorry for the delay and thanks for the help, green_Zinger :o)