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I tried out Sudden Strike 3 and Sudden Strike 3: The Last Stand... Most of the time i get an error dump after the game started... maybe around 10-20 secounds i am in the main menu or the muiltiplayer lobby.

The Error message says:

Error dumped.
Please send file "C:\...\Logs\pub_ss3.dmp" to

I don't know why the game crashes... i tried out several monitor resolutions and compatibility modes... but without any effect.

Sometimes it is working and i can play the game at all... but most of the time i get this CTD and need to restart the game until it works.
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Go to the folder at the specified address in the error "C: \ ... \ Logs \ pub_ss3.dmp"
or address "C:\Users\Documents\Fireglow Games\Sudden Strike The Last Stand\Logs" and delete this file "pub_ss3.dmp"
Then this problem with the departure will be resolved.
Post edited June 15, 2020 by green_zinger