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Wolfram_von_Thal: Hello,

I'm interested in buying Sudden Strike 2. I own a compilation of the first two SS-games. In the compilation the games don't have the music tracks however. I'd like to buy this game again, but I wanted to ask if there is ingame music in the GOG-release.

Thank you for your help!
SS1 includes both its own tracks and tracks from Sudden Strike Forever disc.
SS2 includes its own tracks.
SS: Resource Wars includes tracks from SS2.
Wolfram_von_Thal: Unfortunately there isn't any music ingame - in the menu it is, in the actual game it isn't. You didn't completely lie however: The tracks are indeed included - they are all in the music-folder - they just don't play in the game... That's really disappointing. I've tried the game on two machines (Vista and Win 7) with the same problem.
If you could open a Support ticket and include both dxdiags, I'll try to pinpoint the problem.