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Antarctica - Mission 1 - Save the Whale
I went with 6 torpedoes, 4 decoys, 2 transponders and the rest rockets.

Now apparently destroying the enemy structure on the sea bed delays an enemy response but I skipped this bit.

Moved to the right to position myself in line with the mines and destroyed the one that moves up and down the mine line, I think with a torpedo.
Dropped a transponder at waypoint 1 and again at waypoint 2.
Moved away from the transponder back to my starting position.
At some point an enemy sub shows up, I waited until it moved closer but with empty water behind it, up may be able to manoeuvre about him, the important thing is not to fire a torpedo that may find a whale instead.
Destroyed him with 3 torpedoes at close range with was risky and then finished him off with rockets (which may be the safer option).

Antarctica - Mission 2 - Iceberg Ahoy!
My loadout was 4 x torpedo, 3 x decoy and the rest rockets. Gave the wingman 3 x decoys and only rockets.

Head to waypoint 1, then position yourself just above the subs towing the iceberg.
2 enemy subs arrive to your right and left, send the wingman after one whilst you deal with the other.
A 3rd enemy sub appears above and behind the towing subs, so engage, get your wingman to help if he's dealt with his assigned target.

Mission should end once the 3rd enemy sub is destroyed.
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Antarctica - Mission 3 - Rescue at Rig 5
Go with 3/4 torpedoes, a few decoys and rockets.

Head to waypoint and continue to waypoint 2 until you see the base.
This is another mission with a flakey script. There are 2 enemy subs, one at waypoint 2 and the other at the opposite side of the base. Do not kill the enemy sub at waypoint 2 otherwise your wingman does the 'dying as soon as the enemy sub dies' thing and the mission fails.

Head to the other sub (not at waypoint 2) stay above the thermal layer and then manoeuvre behind him, kill him with rockets and get back above the thermal layer. Head to waypoint 2 drop behind the enemy sub at waypoint 2 and destroy him with rockets.

Issue special orders to your wingman to begin the rescue. You may have to accelerate time as he can get 'stuck' and accelerating time tends to unstick your wingman.

Another enemy sub shows up, get above the thermal layer get above them or as close as you can get and destroy them with rockets or any remaining torpedoes.

The key on this mission seems to be to always reposition yourself towards enemy subs when above the thermal layer.

Antarctica - Mission 4 - The Krilling Fields
3 x torpedoes (or more if you prefer), 3 x decoy, lots of rockets. Wingman: 3 x decoy, lots of rockets.

The straggler harvester is the one at the back, make your approach as deep as you can. There are 2 Hurricanes by the harvester and I ended up getting behind them destroying both with torpedoes and rockets (also got my wingman to help).

Then we both destroyed the harvester and mission ended, think I probably missed out on the stealth bonus.

Antarctica - Mission 5 - Deadline
4 x torpedoes, 3 x decoy, 1 x listening device, rockets

Get to waypoint 1, continue to waypoint 2, however an enemy sub turns up, Both you and your wingman should attack with rockets.

Make a run to waypoint 2, destroy the second enemy sub with torpedoes, destroy the enemy listening device with a rocket and then fire your own listening device. The mission should then end.

Antarctica - Mission 6 - The Spy in the Fridge
6 x torpedoes, 3 x decoy, lots x rockets.

Get to waypoint 1 and continue to waypoint 2. Issue the special orders to your wingman to begin the rescue.
2 Enemy subs show up, 1 above the other.

Again there's a weird scripting issue, do not attack the top sub first! Again destroying this sub destroys your wingman as well.

Instead starting with the lower sub, I fired 3 x torpedoes at the lower one, then the upper one. This didn't actually destroy either of them but they retreated below the thermal layer and stayed there.

My wingman completed the rescue, issued orders to get back into formation and then ran for waypoint 3, where the mission finished.

Antarctica - Mission 7 - Tiptoe through the Minefields
Take your time, kept my power / speed at 15 throughout. Get to waypoint 1, continue to waypoint 2, you may need to head deep and close to the structure to thread the needle between the mines. Once at waypoint 2 just stay slow and deep and head to waypoint 3.

Shouldn't matter on the load out, you shouldn't need to shoot at anything!

Antarctica - Mission 8 - Is there Anybody out there?
4-6 x torpedoes, 3 x decoys, lots x rockets.
Wingmen: 3 x decoys, lots x rockets
Active sonar throughout.

At waypoint 1 there's an enemy Type 25, get your wingmen to attack, but attack it yourself with rockets, it's very easy to lose wingmen on this attack so you may want to destroy it yourself, or at least help a bit.

You want both wingmen alive once it's destroyed.

Then full speed back to the carrier, get your wingman attack their own targets and go after your own, it can get a bit hectic so if an enemy slips past use your torpedoes. Stay fairly close to the carrier and it should be ok.

Antarctica - Mission 9 - Icebreaker
27-30 x rockets at least (40+ better), 2-3 x torpedoes, 2-3 x decoys
Wingman lots x rockets, 3-4 x decoys

Keep your speed low and head to waypoint 1, A type 25 appears kill your speed and go silent, get your wingman to attack, it's heading straight for you so use your ballast to get above the thermal layer and the type 25, when it gets close if your wingman hasn't killed it, give it a few rockets to finish it off.

Again slow, deep approach to the base, there's an enemy Hurricane so get close, give it a rocket to get it to appear on your contact list, send your wingman after it and give it a couple of torpedoes.

Whilst those 2 are busy get in the middle of the bases, as shallow as you can get, as soon as you start firing mines will activate but if there are bases between you an the mine, the mine hits the base an not you.

You need to destroy each base, using 9-10 rockets, get close and fire. Once the 3rd base is destroyed get out at full speed and the mission should end.

That should be the 2nd campaign done!
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South China Seas Campaign

Mission 1 - The Eco-warriors
3 x torpedoes, 3 x decoy, lots x rockets
Wingman: 3 x decoy, lots x rockets

No need to wait to be attacked, you can shoot first!
Go to waypoint 1, get your wingman to attack and join in with rockets to destroy the enemy sub.
Same with waypoint 2, both of you should attack the enemy sub with rockets.
Make a high speed run to waypoint 3 and destroy the saboteur with torpedoes.

At this point I had to ping with active sonar to find the ASW ship, both of you should hit it with whatever you have left, then the mission should end once it's destroyed.

Mission 2 - Hoist the Jolly Roger
3 x torpedoes, 3 x decoy, lots x rockets
Wingman: 3 x decoy, lots x rockets

No need for stealth on this mission. Set your active sonar pinging and make a high speed run for the waypoint.
There'll be 2 enemy subs, give your wingman one while you take the other.
Make sure both are destroyed, you may need to help your wingman.

Then there'll be 2 enemy ships, again give your wingman one while you destroy the other.
The mission should end once all 4 enemy targets are destroyed.

Mission 3 - Defending the Geishas
3-4 x torpedoes, 3 x decoy, lots x rockets
Wingman: 3 x decoy, lots x rockets

No need for stealth, set your sonar active.

2 subs converge from 2 different directions so I send my wingman after each one. Maybe help out with an initial torpedo. But be careful as another sub appears to attack the third leg. It can be a bit of a confusing maelstrom so take the 3rd enemy sub with a couple of torpedoes and finish off with rockets.

The mission ends once all enemies are destroyed, only one leg of the station remained but it was enough for a successful mission.

Mission 4 - Lights! Camera! Action!
3 x decoy, lots x rockets, maybe 1/2 torpedoes.

You don't have to destroy anything but the station, so you can make a stealthy approach to get nice and close, and then hit it with rockets as quickly as possible until its destroyed then run out of there as fast as possible.

You may want to fire off a torpedo at enemy subs to keep then occupied while you destroy the station, but I didn't have to.

Mission 5 - Fishing Rights
Whatever you want, 2 x transponders

Stealth is the key to this one, stay very very slow, 15 knots is sufficient. Once at the first waypoint, kill speed and drop the first transponder before heading to waypoint 2 again stealthily at 15 knots. You may have to drop the 2nd transponder but my mission ended successfully once I was close enough to waypoint 2.

You can take whatever you want as you shouldn't be shooting at anything!

Mission 6 - The Repair Convoy
3 x decoy, lots x rockets

This is a hard, hard mission. Power up to full speed immediately, seconds count, set the sonar to active. You have very very little time to save the base before it's destroyed.

Torpedoes can't help you as they track the noise of the power station and end up hitting it.

Don't head straight to the waypoint but to the right of it.

As you approach you should see 2 subs, one to the right / behind of the base and one coming in from the front / left. You need to destroy the one on the right first, however, it approaches to the right and behind the base. So by heading to the right of the base you can swing round and hit it with rockets.

However as you get close you need to slow otherwise you run into your own rockets. You need to be quick and accurate getting close helps.

Destroy it power up and continue round the base to the second enemy sub, destroy it with rockets before the base is destroyed.

This is a very difficult mission so you'll need to practice, getting off to a fast start, rockets selected and active sonar can give you a few more seconds that can make all the difference.

Mission 7 - Second Strike
3 x decoy, lots x rockets

This one is a lot easier, almost a walk in the park by comparison. Get above the thermal layer and set your speed to 25 knots. A nice slow approach to the base waypoint until your sitting above it. Then hit it over again with rockets as quickly as possible until destroyed, it takes 20+ rockets to destroy but once done so run away at full speed until the mission ends.
South China Seas Campaign

Mission 8 - Closing the Pipeline
3 x decoy, lots of rockets

I did this one kind of strangely, I kind of skipped all of the of structures until I found the major station and destroyed it with 7 or 8 rockets and then I looped back through all of the waypoints and destroyed all the structures, after destroying 4 or 5 the mission ended. Strangely they were all listed as sensors on the contact info, so I was either very lucky or you just need to destroy a certain number of these other structures.

Mission 9 - Tanker Raid
3 x decoy, lots of rockets
Wingman, the same

Active sonar on and head straight to the waypoint, I gave the right most sub to my wingman to destroy. Shortly after an enemy sub shows up you need to deal with swiftly. By sheer dumb luck the enemy Hurricane (I think) got himself between the wingman and his target so he ended up destroying this enemy sub and his own target. After that it was just a case of destroying the second towing sub (took about 15 rockets) and the mission ended.

Mission 10 - Beijing Gambit
3 x decoy, lots of rockets
Wingman, the same

Easy one, just keep giving your wingman a target while you destroy some ships yourself. Once they are all destroyed mission ends. Just make sure you aren't directly under any vessel as they break up.

Mission 11 - Beijing Checkmate
3 x torpedo, 3 x decoy, lots of rockets
Wingman, lots of rockets

This one is really hard. And I'm not sure I did this properly. Passive sonar to begin with. High speed run to waypoint 1, pop above the thermal layer.

How I have no idea how you destroy the helijet. Wait where you are as soon as the helijet pops on your contact list, you may have to send an active sonar ping first, I sent both wingmen after it, a lot of times they won't be able to destroy it but I have no idea how to, it's a struggle to find, maybe you have to surface to destroy it but I'm really not sure?!?

Now 3 enemy subs will head straight for you so dip beneath the thermal and run to put some distance between you and them. Now it's time to turn and fight, try and get some assistance from your wingman but I had to spam rockets at each of them until all 3 were destroyed.

You will probably be damaged, so wait until the self-repair has done it's thing. Head back to the ships and using your last 3 torpedoes destroy one of the ASW ships, they are the wider shorter ships in the fleet, 2 identical vessels beside each other. Once one has been destroyed the mission should end shortly but you need to stay in the vicinity of waypoint 2 and the surface ships.

That should be another campaign done!
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Sea of Japan Campaign

Mission 1 - No Artificial Colourings or Flavourings
2 x Mines and load up with whatever you want you won't be shooting anything.

This is described as one of the more difficult stealth missions but not so much. Stealth is key though, passive sonar and keep your speed to 15 or below, if the current is strong and you're not move up the power to 20 but bring it down to 15 when you start moving.

You'll see 2 robot subs ahead kill speed and wait until they are moving away, head to waypoint 1, slowly as described earlier, until you get there. Kill speed to 0 and drop both mines. Turn to waypoint 2 and again slowly at 15 knots or less head to waypoint 2. Mission will end once you get to waypoint 2.

Mission 2 - Satellite Down
Lots of rockets and a few decoys.

Head to waypoint 1, as you head to waypoint 2 you'll encounter an enemy recon sub, this should be a simple kill with rockets. Once you arrive at waypoint 2 go with active sonar and you should encounter 2 enemy subs (I can't remember if you have a wingman, if you have send them after one of the enemy subs). They should be fairly easy to kill with rockets.

Now if the friendly recovery sub has been destroyed you can head close to the satellite to bring it under tow and then head to the final waypoint. If it survives it begins towing the satellite so just follow. Once the sub towing the satellite (it may be you) gets to the final waypoint, mission ends.

Mission 3 - To Catch A Thief
Lots of rockets and a few decoys. Although this may be possible with just torpedoes.

I have to describe what I think you have to do as I completed this mission in a fairly bizarre manner. Stick close to the sub, it's not easy as it is very very fast so try and stay with it. Part way round you encounter an enemy sub, and the experimental sub gets hijacked. Send your wingman after the enemy sub and go after the experimental sub, once it gets to the carrier it'll slow/stop so kill it and the mission should end.

What actually happened is that I engaged the enemy sub, that fired off a torpedo or two, which because the experimental sub was so close the torpedoes hit and killed it almost immediately, then the mission ended successfully!

Mission 4 - The Dumping Ground
Lots of rockets and a few decoys for you and the wingman.

There are 4 x Type 25 subs you need to kill and they take a lot of rockets to kill. You should find the first two easily enough on the way to the first or second waypoint. Get fairly close and engage with rockets (I think you have a wingman so give him a target)

The second 2 have an escort so kill this first them go for the last 2 Type 25's. When they are destroyed the mission ends.

Mission 5 - Submarine Graveyard
Lots of rockets and a few decoys

Head to waypoint 1 on the way you'll encounter an enemy sub, should be a fairly easy kill with rockets. Once you get to waypoint 1 head east and destroy the 2 robot platforms. Head west past waypoint 1 and you should see a final platform and an enemy sub, get behind it and kill it with rockets. Destroy the last robot platform.

Due to the extreme depth it takes fewer rockets than normal to destroy the enemy sub and platforms. Head back to waypoint 1 drop the debris and the mission should end (I don't think you have to return).

Mission 6 - Tourist Attraction
Head off with your active sonar running. There'll be 2 enemy subs, give your wingman 1 and destroy the other. Then just wait for the friendly Jumbo sub to start towing the stranded sub. DO NOT accelerate time as this prevents the mission from being completed. Follow the Jumbo until the mission ends. Fairly easy mission this one.

Mission 7 - Blind Run
Leave the default loadout. And yes it isn't a bug this sub has 2 banks of torpedoes and rockets.

Go with the active sonar at waypoints 1 and 2. There are 6 structures that can be destroyed but you only need to destroy 5. The first 3 are easy to find, no 4 is just past waypoint 2 but the other 2 are on the far wall opposite no 4 and a bit further along.

Once you've destroyed 5 head close to and past waypoint 3 (but don't cross it), put a little distance behind waypoint 3 and turn towards it.

Now you don't have decoys but you do have speed, a lot of speed. Now you have to race towards waypoint 3 at full speed, you want to cross it heading down the trench to waypoint 4 as soon as you hit waypoint 3 an enemy Hurricane appears above you spamming torpedoes. However at full speed you can outrun the torps and the Hurricane has no chance of catching up

As you get to waypoint 4 there'll be torp mines and another enemy sub, blow past them all at full speed any torpedoes should not be able to catch you. At waypoint 5 there'll be another torp mine this one tends to hit you so you may want to try and avoid or take the hit and hope the speed stays up. Waypoint 6 is in the opposite direction so disengage the autopilot as you get to waypoint 5 or you'll slow in the turn and the torp will definitely hit.

Alternatively I was able to stop just before waypoint 4 turn around and destroy the pursuing Hurricane, then the sub approaching from waypoint 4, then crept up on the mines and destroyed them (however I had only destroyed 4 structures so the mission didn't end). So it might be possible to destroy subs

If you can still maintain about 130 knots select waypoint 6 engage the autopilot and you should have enough speed to get home safely for the mission to end.

Mission 8 - Harbour Bombardment
3 x torpedoes, lots of rockets and a few decoys.

I think this might be one or the harder missions but I did this in one attempt, more by luck than judgement but here's what I did. There's 2 min countdown so don't hang about, off to the first waypoint. This should take you to the harbour entrance. There's an enemy sub I engaged with torpedoes and 2 x torp mines I engaged and destroyed/spammed with rockets.

Head into the harbour, there are 3 mines ahead I engaged/spammed with rockets. I think the harbour is waypoint 4 so head to it and drop the transponder. Then I headed out, encountered the enemy sub that the torps hadn't killed, so finished it off with rockets and then ran for open water where the mission ended.

Note: I didn't engage the ASW vessel just dropped the transponder and ran!

Mission 9 - Earthquake!
Lots of rockets and a few decoys.

Pretty easy if you take it slowly and stealthily. Approach at a speed of no more than 25 knots. As you approach there are structures on the sea bed, I didn't head directly over these which may have helped. Approach to within 0.75 - 0.85 of each torp mine and destroy with 1 or 2 rockets. At this point all should still be quiet. Head to the waypoint over the base.

Do not release the bomb yet! You're probably off centre from the base and the bomb drop might miss. So nose down and head closer to the centre of the base. Once you think you're over the centre level off and point to 090 degrees, drop the bomb and gun it with max power.

There'll be a message if you're on target. You should be heading to waypoint 3 (I think) and once the countdown ends there'll be a few flypast camera views and the mission ends!

And that is the last campaign in the base game. Scenario campaigns next!
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North Cape - The New Eco-Warriors

Mission 1 - Baltic Prelude
3 x torpedoes, 3 x decoy (maybe more), rockets

The 'you should not fire on anyone unless you have been attacked yourself' requirement is actually true for this one. You must be fired on before you can fire back, doing so before fails the mission.

The only problem is waypoint 1, 2 enemy subs in front and a Hurricane behind directly in front on waypoint 1 without running lights. It's also most an active ping at distance to get one to fire then destroy them all, or damage them until they can't fire back. You have a wingman so give him target(s).

Waypoint 2 is clear, waypoint 3 has an enemy sub but you can hide using a thermal as you approach. Then back home to waypoint 4 where the mission ends. You may be able to do this mission stealthily without firing but it'll be tricky with so many subs around waypoint 1.

Mission 2 - Fishy Business
Default loadout is fine.

The Kriller is slow and unresponsive but has a lot or torpedoes. You have 2 wingman and they'll do the killing so make sure they have plenty of rockets.

Head towards waypoint 1, 2 enemy subs appear, first one on the right then 1 on the left. Send your right wingman to the right and the left wingman to the one on the left, otherwise they cross paths and it can get messy. Fire off a couple of torpedoes to keep the enemy on the defensive.

Another enemy sub appears so as before a couple of torpedoes and send your wingman after him. At waypoint 2 you begin the collection, you need to get close to multiple schools of fish and when you collect them the amount to collect drops each time. As the Kriller is so slow and unresponsive take your time, it fine to go active to try and find more groups of fish. Once you collect them all mission ends.

Mission 3 - Bottom Feeder Blues
This one can be a bit tricky, so load out with a few torps and lots of rockets again.

The trick to this one is to position the powers wingman to your rear. You also have to kill the 2 enemy subs in the area. So head to waypoint 1. Once there start heading to waypoint 2 but you see a sub off to the right. Get closer to him and give him an active ping, and wait until he fires. Yes, you have to be fired upon before you can respond. As soon as he does hammer him with rockets. There'll be a 2nd sub approaching and you don't have to wait for a torp simply hammer him again with rockets. Once they're both dead the tricky bit is done.

Head to back to waypoint 2, where you should receive a message about readings or measurements being taken and to head for home. Head to waypoint 3 and the mission should end shortly!
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Mission 4 - Demolition Man
Lots of rockets again, in it's stated otherwise always load up on rockets in preference to torpedoes.

The trick here is to get to waypoint one, then get above the thermal and make your way to the station. When you get there there'll be 3 enemy subs 2 Hurricanes in front and one without running lights behind.

I ended up killing the enemy sub in the rear, but this mission suffers from flakey scripting and your wingman always dies. Then you can kill the station and finally I killed 1 sub and damaged the other before running out of ammo. At this point I made a run for waypoint 2 and then 3, at waypoint 3 the mission ends.

Mission 5 - Crimes of the Heart
You can take rockets but you'll also want quite a few decoys as the aim of this mission isn't to kill anything. As soon as the mission starts run as fast as possible, drop decoys if needed. You aim is to get away and hide so put some distance between your attackers.

Then power down and wait, at some point you'll receive a message and a waypoint, head to the waypoint as quickly as possible. The mission ends once you reach your sister carrier.

Mission 6 - The Wrong Stuff
Once you get to the carrier you should see an enemy whirlwind, set your wingman after it, whilst he's engaged get to the carrier and spam it with rockets. A second whirlwind should appear above the carrier but if you kill it quickly the mission will end before you have to deal with it.

As ever the closer you can get to your target the fewer rockets/more effective each rocket will be.

Mission 7 - Goodbye, Murmansk!
Stealth is the way to go on this mission. As you approach the line of 7 mines you want to clear a path by destroying the 3 to the left, if your stealthy the other mines won't activate. Continue on and sneak behind the enemy sub then continue on to the waypoint to deploy the mine.

Once deployed get above the thermal and either make a stealthy escape or make a run for the open water. If you make a run you may trigger the mines but your speed should allow you to evade. Once at the last waypoint the mission ends.

Mission 8 - The Kissoff
You have to run and run fast in this mission, so hit the throttle and put some distance between you and your former employer. Once you have some distance and torps aren't tracking you hide above a thermal and wait.

There are a group of enemy subs tracking you. One is a type 25 and there are a (I think) a couple of Hurricanes as well. To end this mission I ended up having to kill 4 including the type 25 so a bit of stealth to position yourself behind them and attack. I was fortunate to kill most of the first run but you may have to run and hide above thermals and attack again. Once enough are destroyed the mission ends. Not sure but it might be mandatory to kill the Type 25 to finish.

That should be campaign 5 done!
Campaign 6 - Mediterranean - The Lost World

Mission 1 - Recon
This one can be done without firing a shot, stealth is the way to go. Keep your speed at 15 knots, as you approach each waypoint be on the lookout for any enemy subs, some will be sitting and waiting without any running lights so they may be harder to spot, you can manoeuvre around behind them to slip past.

You can reach waypoint 3 without alerting any subs and drop the listening device. The mission ends once you reach the final waypoint at the carrier.

Mission 2 - Diversion
Another stealthy start to this mission, keep your speed at 20 knots. As you approach waypoint 2, hide above the thermal. At waypoint 3 get close to and behind the enemy sub and destroy it. The docks themselves both need to be destroyed, so hopefully you have enough rockets left, get close as possible and destroy each one in turn to use the rockets as efficiently as possible. Once both docks are destroyed the mission ends.

Mission 3 - Confusion
As you approach the research station you'll see a number of enemy subs, approach stealthily, get behind each one and kill at close range, even after destroying a sub the others won't be able to track you allowing you to do the same thing to them.

Each structure at the research station takes 6 rockets, once you're almost dry you can call on your wingman to destroy those that still remain. Once destroyed head to waypoint 3 for the mission to end.

Mission 4 - Convoy
At waypoint 1 you'll encounter an enemy sub which can be destroyed. At waypoint 2 you'll see the convoy. You can hide beneath the thermal and destroy the 2 escorting Hurricanes from underneath. Once destroyed get above the thermal target the lead convoy sub and issue special orders. Once boarded the mission will end.

Mission 5 - Escort
I didn't make notes for this one so this is from memory. I think you have to wait for the hijacked sub to dock at the base. If there were any enemy subs that needed killing I would have crept up behind and destroyed with rockets. Once the area was clear you can send in your wingman with special orders to secure the intelligence team and escape. At which point I think them mission should end.

Mission 6 - Underwater Ear
Bad notes on this one, so anyone feel free to correct. In this mission you'll pilot the experimental and very fast Barracuda. So I think you can get away with hiding above the thermal and destroying the listening post. Then running at high speed for the rest of the waypoints 4 and 5. Mission will end at waypoint 5.

Mission 7 - Dire Strait
You have to escort an experimental deep diving sub called the Titan back to the carrier. There's a hard way to do this and an easy way to do this. The hard way probably involves trying to keep up with the Titan and firing torps at any enemy sub that fires at it to try and get back to the carrier.

The easy way involves leaving the Titan, where it is (but remember it's bearing to waypoint 1) and progressing to each waypoint, sneaking up and destroying enemy subs, there are 3 or 4 so the stealthy approach to the baffles followed by a quick kill helps. Once you get to last waypoint, turn around head back to waypoint 1, pick up the Titan and try and keep up as it flies past each waypoint. Once it reaches the carrier, mission ends.

Mission 8 - Discovery
Due to the high tectonic activity in the area you really really want to make sure you hit subs and not the surroundings. Another mission where it helps to get to a waypoint but then continue on before heading back. The trick is to sneak up on the sub at waypoint 1, make a stealthy approach above waypoint 2 then head straight down (without ballast, far too noisy) tag the waypoint then climb up to get some clearance and head to waypoint 3 and finally make a stealthy kill on the sub at waypoint 4.

Then back to waypoint 2, position yourself to the rear of one sub but with the second one in view. Make a stealthy kill sometimes the second enemy still won't be able to track if you were at a dead stop when you attacked. Sneak up on the second and do the same, or hit it with rockets if it's found you and heading your way. These last 2 subs can take a lot to destroy so be careful you don't run out. Once they are dead the area is clear, Head to waypoint 2 and use active sonar, you may have to target some of the ruins but the mission should end shortly.

Mission 9 -Atlantis!
This one is tricky, mostly because you have to work out what you need to do with multiple attempts. Your escorting a Trieste to send a team in to recover data. Heading towards waypoint 1, there's an enemy sub, stealthy approach and kill it. Leave the Trieste a little way away because here's where it gets interesting.

You can't kill both subs at waypoint 2, you can kill one but killing the other results in the wingman dying and mission failure. So sneak up on one but keep the other in view, hit it from behind and kill it. If you were at a dead stop the second sub should still not see you.

Now hit the throttle and run, away from the Trieste , the aim here is to get the last enemy sub to chase you, torpedoes will be fired, decoys will be released. Damage may be taken but once a couple of klicks after, hide above the thermal and wait, the enemy sub having lost you should also wait. Send the Trieste in with special orders, after a while the team should recover information and start to head off, Sneak away above the thermal and the mission should end soon. Not sure if the Trieste makes it back or you have to escort it back but that should be easy enough.

Campaign done!
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Campaign 7 - Bermuda - Anything for Money

Mission 1 - A Foot in the Door
This is a fairly straightforward mission, head to waypoint 1 and kill the enemy sub there. Head to waypoint 2 and destroy the enemy sub near the debris. Go active on the sonar and target the debris. Continue to waypoint 3 where the mission should end.

Mission 2 - Curiosity Killed the Cat!
Head to the waypoint where the debris is at speed. You'll encounter 3 enemy subs. Send your wingman after one, destroy the other and then destroy the sub towing the debris. It will fall to the ocean floor and shortly after a friendly sub will appear to tow it back to the carrier.

You may have to destroy the towing sub first before you destroy the second enemy fighter sub. Once the debris has made it back to the carrier the mission ends.

Mission 3 - More Questions than Answers
For this mission you have to destroy an undersea pleasure complex, guarded by a couple of enemy subs. As you approach the complex get above the thermal to hide and make a stealthy approach, hide on the far side of the complex, with the complex between you and the enemy subs. From above the thermal get as close as possible and destroy each of the legs. Once destroyed the mission ends.

If one of the enemy subs gets underneath it'll cause the structure to rebound and loop but eventually either the enemy sub is destroyed or the structure hits the ocean floor and is destroyed.

Mission 4 - Beware the Howl of the Jabberwocky
This one can be tricky. As you approach the waypoint where the strangeness occurs you'll want to hide above the thermal, there'll be an enemy Whirlwind present, got behind or above and destroy at close range. The strange structure causes damage, so go full throttle with active ping over waypoint 2, then run at full speed to waypoint 3 and 4, if you're quick enough you should get back to the carrier before the damage becomes too severe and you're destroyed. Once back the mission ends.

Mission 5 - To Dream the Impossible Dream
As you get to the strange structure, there'll be 2 Whirlwinds, stealthy approach and destroy at close range. Due to the enhanced shielding you won't take damage so get close and active ping the structure. Shortly after be on the lookout for a third Whirlwind coming in from above (but not directly above) and spam your remaining rockets to kill it. Then it's just a case of heading to waypoints 3 and 4 after which the mission ends.

Mission 6 - Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore
This mission is all about base defence with a little extra at the end. The first bit can be a bit hectic. The base will be approached by 3 enemy subs approaching in a line. I headed to the right and destroyed the first one a Hurricane from behind, then destroyed a second hurricane, before finally destroying the middle sub a Type 25 (I think). You may want to change the order of the last 2 subs destroyed. Once done that's the hard bit over.

The base will detect a 4th sub, approach it and it's identified as an old (but friendly) US Navy sub. Give it an active ping and shortly after the mission ends

Mission 7 - No Guts, No Glory
The anomaly you're sent to investigate is at waypoint 2. Once your in close proximity, old WW2 aircraft will begin to appear at and around the anomaly. With the aircraft pointing forward, position yourself to the left of the leftmost aircraft. You receive a message that a friendly sub has been dispatched to retrieve the aircraft.

Shortly after a couple of enemy Hurricanes materialise. As you're close you should be able to kill both without any trouble. Once done the mission ends.

Mission 8 - The Barricade
As you approach the portal there'll be 2 enemy subs. You have plenty of time so a stealthy approach and kill at short range to maximise rockets (I think you can carry rockets on this mission, but if not getting close also makes the torps more effective). Once both are dead it's on to the next part which has to be done quickly.

You need to lay 5 mines and you don't have a lot of time. Use your autopilot to orientate towards the waypoint, autopilot off throttle up and drop the mine as you pass the waypoint. Then do the same for each of the other mine waypoints, autopilot on to orientate, autopilot off, throttle and drop as you pass the waypoint. Once all 5 are done, put a little distance (not too much) as an enemy sub appears, get close and use the rest of those rockets/torps until it's dead. Once dead the mission ends.

It's not a problem if some of the mines are triggered as long as you lay the 5 mines and destroy the last sub.

Mission 9 - Riders on the Storm
It being the final mission you know it's going to be tricky. You have 2 wingmen, but one is a Trieste which always seems to die as soon as he engages anything. It can get hectic and a bit confusing as there are 6 enemy subs to destroy. It also means ammo conservation is key.

Firstly 3 enemy subs appear (from what we'll call the front) in a line. Send your fighter wingman after the one (Hurricane maybe) on the left. Take the Hurricane on the right and then get closer to the large middle sub and try and destroy it with 7 rockets. If one of your wingman is still alive you're doing well. Get back to the portal.

I kept sending both wingmen and the Trieste never did much with this first wave a died almost immediately.

Then 2 enemy subs appear from the 'right', send any wingmen after them but don't engage yourself because there's a large sub coming directly from above which is a greater threat. Destroy this one by getting close and letting fly, hopefully you can kill this with about 7 or so rockets.

The last 2 enemy subs may also get a beating from the friendly torp mines around the portal. Hopefully you have enough ammo is left to get in close and destroy them. Once the last sub is destroyed, mission should end shortly.

You might want to leave the Trieste at the portal for cover as this may be a better use and get them to help attack the sub coming in from above and then assist with the last 2 if they're still around.

And that's the last campaign complete!

And your medal stash should look something like this!
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Thank you SO much for this. I found the game fine overall but there were some very unclear moments regarding what the game wanted from you to complete objectives, or the moments where enemies needed to be killed in a certain order that I would not have had the patience to figure out. Fantastic job with your notes and this walkthrough.
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