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I've mapped the keyboard to shift -, [, ], Shift +, which seem to work: the Power level adjusts accordingly. Most of the time )(it's inconsistent), the speed will increase to match the power. However, over time, the speed falls zero, and I can't move towards the waypoint.

I think my default bindings are ok, but maybe there's some calc issue with the program where the speed no longer follows the power level. When I flood or empty ballasts, as I rise or fall, the speed in the vertical direction works. It's just that I can't move forward.

I really want to get into this game, but with this functionality broken, I'm really saddened.

Any insight?

After playing aroundl, I was able to get speed when going into the mission map(!) By pressing the "1" key, the speed miraculously goes back to 40. When pressing ESC to get back to front view, however, the speed then bleeds off back to zero. Anyways, this seems to only happen with the training levels. This workaround allowed me to get past the the training missions and on to the main game.

I played the first mission (about three times) of the campaign with no speed issues- the speed responded to my power throughout as expected. I'm loving Subwar 2050!!!!
Post edited March 28, 2018 by andysan445