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I can't get past the 2nd mission in the first proper campaign.

Sometimes i destroy an enemy sub, and suddenly the troop carrier i'm escorting is destroyed ?
As if the enemy was somehow linked to the HP of the troop carrier.

And no i'm not shooting the carrier by accident, it looks very different shape-wise, and i''ve even tried telling the Carrier to stay put until i cleared the enemies out. It doesn't help.

What's going on in that mission ?

Edit : Finished it somehow. Seems more like luck than anything else though. Meh.
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I got to the last(?) mission on the first Expansion Campaign "The Kissoff" now, and hitting a wall yet again.
The briefing says i just need to "get out of the area". But going in one direction for a long time doesn't seem to do it.

Am i supposed to go even longer ? Or is there a hidden goal of destroying all the attackers ?

Thats probably my main gripe with this game, some missions are a cakewalk, others are absolute frustration.

Edit :
Yep, the hidden goal was apparently destroying a bunch of the attackers, which the briefing does not mention.
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Wall #3

In a late mission in the last Campaign ( Bermuda Triangle ).

I suspect that you have to lay the mines out *perfectly*, and fast enough because for some strange reason, these mines explode on their own - not making for very good mines in the first place.

The game of course doesn't tell you when exactly to drop a mine, just "near the waypoints".

I must have randomly gotten it right one time, because an extra enemy spawned in behind me, shooting my sub to bits.

Sigh .. back to the grind i guess.

Edit :

Well, turns out the game doesn't care about positions at all. You can simply dump all the mines near the target quickly.
The strange sub spawned, got destroyed, mission accomplished.
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