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And boy was it satisfaying. The ending is, well, understandable. Not going to spoil it here.

Anyways I just want to make some pointers for some new people to this game.
1: Plan your moves. From sleeping to taking the tram each action takes time. The more time is wasted the more time for the mutants to get stronger.

2: Collect everything but prioritize the ones with most finite resources. This means Resin and Metal should be most of what you are carrying back. The other resource is easy, and plentiful, to find. Medical, Food and Drink aren't scarce but it never hurts to grab what you can. Plus you can put those in your armor pockets to lighten the load.

3: Research one gun only. You can have the other two, plus the special, weapon researched so you don't have to worry about scavenging for the gun again because the base weapon isn't in the database when you start.

4: Once it is researched get it made and put it into the research again. Don't worry about upgrading all your gear at once.

5: Find all of the Oxygen and Thermal units and replace the broken part with a standard one. This will help reduce the infection rate while you are in the area. And no longer needing to use your canisters for a bit is a bonus.

6: Get the chips in the order that suits you best. You may end up wanting to get the next manufacturing chip OR the next mine chip.