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Hi all,

I am totally hooked on Subterrain and want to see more games like it.

Can someone please recommend similar games like Subterrain?

I am NOT searching for all kinds of horror or zombie apocalypse games.
I know those are the games I usually get when I search for similar games.

Instead I am searching for games that meet those criteria:
- Top View
- Twin Stick (or WASD + Mouse) Controls
- Pixel Art
- SciFi or Cyberpunk Setting
- No Japanese / Chibi games

To start the list, those are the games I really like and want to see more of:
- Alien Breed
(Not the PC Versions, but the original Amiga Version or the Android/iOS Remake:

- Intravenous

- Dreamweb
(Windows Version is here, but I don't know if it is Abandonware or shady stuff, so please have this in because I want to have it legally:

Please let me know more like this.
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CaptainNemo77: [...]
Hi Captain! Which game came instantly to my mind is Shadowgrounds, a top down Scifi-Shooter BUT it's not pixel art. 3D with free camera if I remember correctly. But it's fun and has good atmosphere and some pretty cool moments. Doom 3 with top view was it called back the days in reviews.

I just stumbled over Glitchpunk, this could be something for you, top view cyber punk. Coming soon to GOG. Nice!

PS: Intravenous is on my wishlist atm. How did you like it if you played already?
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