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iivZubhKAqozGeXv: This game wants DX11 v1.3. ( Have read the logs. )
Win7 SP1 has DX11 v1.1 bundled in.

On Win7 you can only update DirectX 11 through Windows Update. Which immediately tries to force you into installing Win10. ( Win10 has DX11 v1.3 ). Subscription Model for OS == No Thank You. I am not paying a monthly fee to be able to use my home computer. ( Its coming, they just aren't telling anyone yet. )

Running on Win7 SP1 ( no updates ) has lag problems. Did the version of Unity Engine being used stop supporting DX9?

Note : Wine on Linux has little or no support for DX11, at this time.
I've managed to get the game to run on Wine flawlessly using Wine 1.9.12 and the current version of the game (1117 as I write this post).

You will need the following:

Wine 1.9.12
A 32-bit prefix in Windows 7 mode

After installing the game you will need to run winetricks in order to set "glsl=disabled" in the GUI menu and then you run the game with the following command:

wine Subterrain.exe

The only thing I am unsure about working would be the Xbox controller but the keyboard + mouse works just fine.

Basically, the Wine devs added a heretofore unimplemented function to d3dcompiler_47 which was the main issue that stopped the game from running under Wine.
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