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Changelog for update 1065 / GOG-5 (Windows) (added 05th April 2016):

- Fixed : Controller - Possible fix for release note being shown even in the game.
- Fixed : Controller - Journal left stick affecting other selection by the equipment panel.
- Fixed : Energy drink item detail bug.
- Fixed : Some typos from logs.
- Fixed : Stun bug.
- Updated : Greek localization added!

Changelog for update 1062 (added 29th March 2016):

- Fixed : Audio issue with mine ambient sounds.
- Fixed : Possible bug with empty slots being available after right clicking to move the items into the inventory when inventory was full. This will cause bug with the system where it doesn't expect this to happen.
- Fixed : Possible infection not increasing after reducing it by killing mobs.
- Fixed : Initial infection level being zero for prison start.
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Changelog for update 1087 / GOG-6 (Windows) (added 04th May 2016):

- Extended game play that let you experience personal story line of Dr.West.
- Epic boss battles with heart pounding new music scores!
- Better overall game play experience by the tightening up the previous first part of the game.
- Random floor generation. Now the important items are found in randomly shuffled floors.
- Voice over for the all cut scenes!
- More achievements and leaderboard types.
- More endings!
- Many other minor bug fixes over the previous version
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Changelog for update 1112 / GOG-7 (Windows) (added 07th June 2016):

- Fixed : Premartian AI bug. (Regression)
- Updated : More async level loading. (less progress indicator pausing while loading)
- Fixed : Fixes minor bugs with items on the ground.
- Updated : Hides FPS label.
- Fixed : Backward compatibility with very old save game.
- Fixed : Item stack splitter UI button bug. (hack fix)
- Updated : Copied dummy English version dialog files to the other localizations to prevent the game to lock up.
- Fixed : Pop up logs and speech bug. (Regression)
- Updated : Save file format compression change. Possibly smaller save file being saved overall.
- Fixed : Bug with one of the district mission.
- Fixed : Reactor over-heat bug.
- Fixed : Initial save game getting deleted along the loading sequence when perm death was turned on. Thanks to AccessTheGamer for working with me to fix this important bug.
- Fixed : Possible solution to Viking not loading. (and others)
- Fixed : Repair bug.
- Fixed : Boss fight trigging bug.
- Fixed : Graphics setting resetting bug.
- Fixed : Recycler UI bug.
- Fixed : Elevator UI bug.
- Fixed : Level navigations bugs on couple of places.
- Fixed : Previouse update caused default use controller option. Reverted back to not use it.
- Fixed : Generating random level bug.
- Fixed : Log pop up error by the central control.
- Fixed : Missing bag on the floor upon reload bug.
- Fixed : Possible error with loading / starting new game.
- Updated : Added missing controller stack spliting feature.
- Updated : Added more info on fuel log about required special item.
- Fixed : Various bugs in boss fights.
- Fixed : Some very bad bugs that caused all sort of mis behaving for door and pickup items etc.
- Fixed : Cutscene text not appearing.
- Fixed : Various sound issue.
- Fixed : Infection spreading indicator should not appear on purified location.
- Fixed : Updated skip tutorial save game to have consistent key item containers as to start a new game from the beginning.
- Fixed : Medikit description bug where % did not match the actual value.
- Fixed : Red color for beacon were displaying as yellow on beacon ui.
- Fixed : Some boss fight game play cheat issue.
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Changelog for update 1115 / GOG-8 (Windows) (added 08th June 2016):

- Fixed : Going back to Prison station can have some loading problems. ( Regression )
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Changelog for update 1117 / GOG-9 (Windows) (added 10 June 2016):

- Fixed : One of the level in Gemini was not generating due to some weird Unity bug. Worked around it by treating it a bit differently.
- Updated : Improved random map generation speed.
- Updated : Improved random map navigation generation speed.
PaterAlf: Changelog for update 1117 / GOG-9 (Windows) (added 10 June 2016):

- Fixed : One of the level in Gemini was not generating due to some weird Unity bug. Worked around it by treating it a bit differently.
- Updated : Improved random map generation speed.
- Updated : Improved random map navigation generation speed.
Thanks PaterAlf, for the info! +1
It's appreciated!
I've a complaint, why doesn't a gog staff member provide this kind of info to their clients?
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Changelog for update 1118 / GOG-11 Windows) (added 22 June 2016):

- Updated : Safety checking method for weapons not reducing heat properly.
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Changelog for Patch 1122/ GOG-12 (Windows) (added 28 June 2016):

- Fixed : Possible solution for time flow simulation getting messed up by Unity floating bug. Implemented custom way of checking and increasing precision internally. This should hopefully fix the cases where after playing for long time, weapon cool down and production timing getting messed up.
- Updated: Increased storage weight limit to prevent inventory bug to happen when interacting with storage.
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Changelog for Patch 1123/ GOG-13 (Windows) (added 29 June 2016):

- Fixed : Inventory bug with weight less items disappearing when inventory is full.
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Changelog for Patch 1128/ GOG-14 (Windows) (added 8 July 2016):

- Fixed : Missing ending text files for some language. Currently just English version.
- Fixed : Env shader effect option toggle bug.
- Updated : Reaearch and production time cuted for a lots of items to speed up the game play.
- Updated : Reduced tech level requirement for first bit of ending to level 2.
- Updated : First boss charge attack speed and duration balancing.
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Changelog for Patch 1133/ GOG-15 (Windows) (added 14 July 2016):

- New : New production tab! This isn't fully featured stuff, but it should give you enough overview on the current queued up researches and production.
- Fixed : Laser sight can sometimes go through the walls.
- Fixed : Rare bug where vision cone could lock to one direction.
- Fixed : Inventory right click can cause the other same items below it to move at the same time.
- Fixed : Equipping smaller bag can cause bug. Fixed by not allowing to change when swapping to a new bag with more items than it can carry.
- Updated : Enabled cheat console. See Steam forum for more details.
- Updated : Electric resin balancing.
- Updated : Invasion trigger issue with specific in game situation.
- Updated : Better initial loading screen.
- Updated : Additional Sprint toggle hot key options. This is experimental so there could be some bugs with this feature. Please use keyboard binding to choose the key.
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Changelog for Patch 1134/ GOG-16 (Windows) (added 15 July 2016):

- Fixed : Production ui could stop working in certain condition after a product/research is completed. Also fixed case where progress was not updating after reloading the saved game.
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Changelog for Patch 1136 / GOG-17 (Windows) (added 19th July 2016):

-Fixed : Wrong level indicator for mission critcial item. This was very recent changes so text needed to be updated. All localization versions has fixes so there is nothing actually needs to be done.
-Fixed : Problem with world time simulation after coming back from xxx.
-Update : Game is paused during beacon operation.
-Updated : Controller item equip has been changed to left stick button instead of dpad down. Dpad down was used in quick slot as well.
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Changelog for Patch 1137 / GOG-18 (Windows) (added 29 July 2016):

- Fixed : Possible cause of UI lockup after using repair bay.
- Fixed : Disabled inventory and time speed control interaction during Journal, Map , Production and Reactor UI usage on Tram travel.
- Update : Improved UI interface logic to catch the cases where ground inventory won't close using ESC key.
- Update : Changed minimap normal unlocked door's color to yellow scheme so thaat they are better highlighted. Hopefully, this helps to spot the unexplorered areas a bit better.
- Update : Updated Traditional and Simplified Chinese localization upto date.
- Update : Minor Russian localization updates. Thanks to Sergey and everyone else helping. Always!
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Changelog for update 1139 / GOG-19 (Windows) (added 23 August 2016):

- Updated : German localization is now officially supported!
- Updated : French localization has been renewed and updated.