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I'm plagued by bugs. I've tried all graphic settings (except for the highest which is too much for my 2008 MBP). The first one I encountered was at the tic tac toe puzzle, It was impossible to press any of the keys. I thought I was missing something so that cost me 20 minutes of pixel hunting before I figured it was a bug. Restarting the game was enough to rectify it.

The next bug is very consistent and extremely frustrating, rendering the game unplayable in my opinion. Nearly every time I solve a puzzle which reveals an item (close up) I get stuck on that screen. The "X" in the top left corner does nothing, mouse wheel does nothing, escape only brings up the menu and then returns me back in the same situation. The only way to get back to the game is to restart it. Anyone else have this issue?

Point-and-click puzzle games can not have bugged puzzles, it will kill all the joy of playing them.

-Attached is one of the many locations I get stuck at and have to restart the game to get out.
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