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What is the deal with the price on this game? For me, the game is $13.59CDN. Didn't GoG used to release these older games for around $5.99 (back when they only had USD pricing)? If it is supposed to be $5.99USD, that should only be $8.11CDN (as of right now).

What gives with the higher than normal price tag?

Probably not a purchase for me based on the high price and the fact that, while I really loved this game back when I was 10, the graphics have not held up well at all. I can usually overlook graphics but...PHEW...they are bad.

Guess we need someone to make a new game like this...and not like the Stuntman games (they were ok, but no Stunt Island).
True. I actually didn't end up buying it. Was quite excited, but then I saw the price...
Worth every penny.
Thought I'd mention it's in the flash sales at the moment for under $5- 65% off

Considering how rare it is for Disney titles to go on sale, I'd suggest grabbing it ASAP