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This has been my favorite strategy game since the first stronghold game was released. I love the challenge. but most times i just like to relax and watch my armies fight the AI players and build at will.

are there any cheat codes for this game like the triblade2002. The crusader extreme HD is by far my favorite go to RTS and its soo much better with cheat codes.
Anyone? can developers please share. if there are any cheat codes for this game. I stopped playing it cause i have stale mate with AI. Not fun anymore.

This game does have massive replay ability if we can have cheat codes?

Hi developers, apologies forgot to mention. I purchased stronghold crusader extreme with addons from walmart. around 5 (five) years ago and with cheat codes it was the best game i ever played. i would buy every series you release, just as i did with warlords, but please give me an edge. just something i can use when going gets tough. I am a big fan of cheat codes.

Cause when i am in mood for challenge i don't use cheat codes but when i am playing casually i just want to build and use cheats for fun.

Games are about fun not just the challenge.
Post edited September 19, 2021 by turbogame