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I will start this topic with this pure awsome megamod! :D
Stronghold Lord of the Rings Mod
I've already check it out and it has EVERYTHING! Awsome intro, awsome music, awsome missions descriptions. BEST STRONGHOLD MOD EVER!
Links to the file are at the bottom of that page :3
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Thx RageBoy - I will stick this topic then ^_^
Hope You will not rage here to much ;)
One thing to note is to remember to install the mod and its files to the folder for Stronghold under on your PC (otherwise it won't work, as the mod tries to auto-install to what I assume would be the retail version's directory).
Rage - are you by chance a member of the forums on the website you linked to? If so could you pass on the message that the last 3 links for download for the mod do not work ( that is the three ZDnet links
sry no :( But I manage to download it so it should work :D
The LOTR Mod is indeed great. Everybody who likes Stronghold should play it.
Agreed! Even the LOTR music suits Stronghold so very very well.
any other mods out there?
grove12345: any other mods out there?
there should be a mod which prevents ground units from tearing down castle walls with their swords and spear tips. that one critical flaw makes this game unplayable to me.
Damn, looks like all 6 of the available mirrors are busted.
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ThreeSon: Damn, looks like all 6 of the available mirrors are busted.
Searched and found it on Fileplanet:

Will this mod ever be made to work in Windows 7?
Will this mod work with the Mac version ?
Stronghold Europe - a mod for Stronghold Crusader (HD) which brings back the setting of the original Stronghold. In essence, you can now play custom matches in the classic medieval setting and benefit from all the Crusader changes like sped-up villager arrival, Quarry operations and Fletcher movement.

It has separate executables, too, but requires a full Crusader installation to run.

Currently, there are a few but's:
- Swordsmen and Knights still have their Crusader skins.
- Arabian units are still there, but in the Mercenary Post that now looks like the classic Wooden Barracks.
- Arabian lords are still present in the current version (and are reportedly glitchy), but will be disabled in the next.
- Wooden Walls are not (yet?) there, the Low Wall from Crusader is present instead. It has the proper stone colour, though.
- Crusader Trail menus are now represented by blank icons, as they are announced to be replaced with a completely new Trail.
- The default player colour is red like in Crusader instead of blue like in vanilla Stronghold.

Absolute recommendation if you've ever wanted custom gameplay in vanilla Stronghold!
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