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I got my XedMod key for Steam earlier today. As is, there's a few problems getting it running, so here's a guide for you on how to get it working. Note you need a Steam account to download the tool, but otherwise it will run fine without Steam.

1. Install SlimDX runtime ( Get the .NET 2.0 version. Update: No longer necessary.
2. Run XedMod (no Steam required) to generate default config. It will give you an error and exit. Note: may ask you for path as follow instead as of the latest build.
3. Edit the config to point to your SSZ directory: Open System\Config.xmc, and under the Entry with the Key "Root" set the Value to your SSZ install directory (like so: <Entry Key="Root" Value="C:\GOG Games\Strike Suit Zero\pc" />).
4. Run XedMod (still no Steam required) and start modding.

Note you should run XedMod without Steam, because otherwise it'll try to launch the Steam version, and fail if you don't have it on your account.
Post edited April 08, 2013 by GMMan