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How does the story compare?
played some missions, so far the story is generic, earth in danger, you only hope, etc etc.

No character development, just go here, shoot that. nothing special.

Macross story isn't that complex, if you want THE space opera series, watch: "Legend of the galactic heroes" if you have the time.

So far the story is ok, I'm having more fun blowing up things.
I also enjoyed "Legend of the Galactic Heroes", although I probably wouldn't call it a space opera. I don't think any labels do the series justice. The reason for my mind making a connection between this game and Macross is the cover art and the fact that a Japanese singer is involved with the music.
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Character- or story-wise? No.
But I bought the game because it "looked" like Macross and I'm not desapointed. The gameplay, the mood and the graphics have a strong "Macross" feel.
Transforming mechas that look a little like VF-4 and strike-valkyries, big space battles including space-carriers launching said mechas, massive fighter squadrons, swarms of 20 micro-missiles launched against enemy fighters, emergency space folds, dogfights in the middle of space wreckage, and many, many explosions.
It isn't exactly Macross-like, but it sure reminds me of it :)
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I'm still fairly early in the game, but I would say that they did a good job capturing the "feel" of anime space fighter battles. The game isn't as complex as, say, a Wing Commander or Freespace, but the important thing is that I'm having fun.